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My situation nowadays (treatment since December 2005)

Submitted by Zdenicka on Tue, 2011-11-22 08:33

Dear all,

I would like to put a short message as a continue to my story "a young woman comes back to life".


It is alerady 7 weeks I use metronidazol non stop (twice a day 500 mg each dose) and I guess I have no reaction. Even I was in fitness yesterday and I have still much energy, no troubles ...


Nowadays, I use:


rifampicin (300 mg twice a day)

azitromycin (250 mg 3 times a week)

doxycyklin (200 mg once a day)

metronidazol (500 mg twice a day)

N-acetyl cystein (600 mg twice a day)


I had one package of isoniazid, so I used it all (the dose of rifampicin was 300 mg once a day only and 300 mg of isoniazid once a day) .... than I increased the rifampicin to twice a day.

List of my previous difficulties which have "disapearred" on 2 years of CAP

Submitted by Zdenicka on Fri, 2008-03-28 00:29
herpes virus condylomata accuminata mycosis acroceratosis/tetter sight setback trichismus, hair and nail fray white nail spots painful muscles, bones and joint head aches painful teeth, very sensitive enamel abnormally sensitive skin bad wound healing Sun allergy pollen allergy furry animals allergy feathers and dust allergy fungi allergy metal allergy asthma painful heart arrhythmia "jumping" heart pulse and blood pressure fainting feeling like going to faint physical and mental exhaustion (I could not step up even 3 stairs only) terrible tiredness (even 16 hours of sleep was not enough) feeling like having lack of oxygen feeling like having something really heavy on my chest lungs burn infancy of disseminated sclerosis

Feelings after 2 years on Wheldon’s protokol

Submitted by Zdenicka on Mon, 2007-11-26 08:29
Dear “friends”. I am sitting in a train, drinking a good green tea from my thermo pot and writing my story for you, to support you in your bad or maybe even the worst times in your life. I am listening to nice calm music from my headphones and feeling sad and happy in the same time .... I feel like going to cry, when thinking of my past, watching the country through the window.

2 years on Wheldon's protocol

Submitted by Zdenicka on Sat, 2007-10-13 23:28
I have started WP 2 years ago (since December 2005). First half of a year was really terrible, I was almost sure I had to stop the treatment, I felt like I was dying ... but even that I did not stop ... after one year of the WP treatment, I felt like I was going to be a heathy man again!!! .... Nowadays, it is almost 2 years since I had started CAP .... I feel really very well. All the symptoms have disappeared!!!! I do live the real live!!!WP do really works, thank you! Without this webside, I would not be alive, I am sure .... thank you again. At a short notice, I will write more about my experiences with WP ....