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Doxy causing heart pain?

Submitted by wini on Thu, 2008-05-01 16:16

Hi Y'all!

I've been living on the yahoo porph site for a few months, trying to get my heart to quit trying to quit on me.  I ate a lot of sugar, got fatter, learned to love cholestyramine.

(Quick refresher:  I have primary porphyria, Lyme, Babesia, and cpn.  I had a heart attack in January from (?) dental lidocaine and IV Rocephin/Lyme die-off.  Glueing Humpty together again since then.)

partner tested negative

Submitted by wini on Wed, 2008-02-06 23:06

Help!  My partner's cpn tests are negative!  IgG, Igm, IgA, Quest Diagnostics. 

I test positive; in the last 8 yrs, he's been getting more and more of the symptoms I have --- I KNOW cpn is very contagious --- is it THAT hard to get a positive antibody titer for cpn?

I am afraid that now his doc won't prescribe the Abx.   Also, could he somehow not have caught cpn, and all his coughing, achiness, fatigue, sensitivities, skin eruptions, joint stuff, swollen glands, sore throats, neurological issues, increasing general ill health --- all the stuff he had NONE of before me --- could it really have NOTHING to do with cpn...?

Dark night of the soul...

Submitted by wini on Mon, 2008-01-14 08:58

I feel as if I just gambled... and lost.  I staked my old, really bad state of health in an abx poker game; the winner's pot would have been increased health.  And I lost.  

Now my heart is messed up, I can't exert myself without cardio symptoms.  And I know this about my body:  it can't clear toxins without exercise. 

I don't even know where to start, and the pain is so bad I can't sleep.

As Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day (or something like that); and I'll think of... something.  But oh, tonight is dark and ... almost hopeless. 

I know --- I hope --- you folks will understand.  I wear my warrior's mask most of the time; it's better for those I love, and for me.  It's just, sometimes, I need to weep. 

Porphyria problems....

Submitted by wini on Mon, 2008-01-07 01:17

 : (    My beautiful post on xylitol and insulin got called a spam!!  Well I never---!!!  does that happen often?  Oh well.  Maybe it will "pass" later.... 

Anyway, I have truly awe-ful porphyria going on, I see that now.

So I've given up--- get ready for it!---

-bananas, raisins, maple syrup, honey, all fructose, sucrose, etc.

-anything purple, like blueberries or red grapes

-anything cruciferous, broccoli, cabbage

-any red/dark meat, and fish 

(and these hideous sacrifices are helping with some symptoms, like the headaches and abdominal pain --- but not the cold feet or diarrhea.)

computers, EMF's, cold feet

Submitted by wini on Thu, 2008-01-03 01:27

Hello new friends---

I've been "studying" all this info and yr postings like crazy, and I have another crazy question.

I get sick from using the computer.  Laptop, desktop--- don' matter, I hurt.  Headache, cold feet, eye soreness, fierce neck pain, and then I get the dizzy/nauseous/fiery ab. pain/leg & feet cramps --- YOU know the drill! (Actually,  feels kinda like a drill, in head and joints...)

Any treatment I try is kicking my butt, I need help!!

Submitted by wini on Thu, 2007-12-27 01:56

Hi  from Wini,

You guys rock!  I've been reading stuff on this site, and giving it to my ND for several months.  Right now, I am freakin' desperate... and  I bet if I glop some of my sad saga in here, y'all will have helpful info for me.

I've been fall-down sick intermittently since my teens; I'll be 49 in 4 days, whoohoo!  Youthful diagnoses were, gosh, there sure is something wrong with ya, but dunno what, take Prozac/tetracycline/gamma globulin/more prozac.  You know the drill, I'm sure...

CFS/Fibro/MCS wasn't really helpful because, heck, whadda you do?

Blood ozone, all OG diet, meditation, yoga, lots of water, enough supplements to cure the Brit. navy of scurvy --- it all helps, but.....