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Potential alternative to antibiotics?

Submitted by tudor on Tue, 2009-07-28 01:24

Hello everybody,

As promissed a while ago I am back with news about my last experiments. Levofloxacin + tinidazole didn't seem to help me in the long run, so I decided again to switch to something easier to tolerate. You can see what I'm taking at the end of the message or in my personal statement. 

To sum it up, the lack of a total symptom resolution during the previous months brought me down to earth. Something was obviously missing from my treatment regimen. That something is part of my current regimen. No idea what has really helped, but I am 99% healed and quite stable. The big jump came after about 2 weeks of intense but intermittent herx reactions. 

Total resolution of symptoms from levaquin + alternative theory

Submitted by tudor on Sat, 2009-06-06 11:01

Hello all,

I had to call a halt to chlorquinaldol due to its obvious harmful effects on my visual acuity.

To finish the experiment I decided to try the last 2 combinations of antibiotics I can think of for my condition: levofloxacin + azithro & rifampicin + minocyclin

Chlorquinaldol - my biggest surprise

Submitted by tudor on Wed, 2009-05-20 23:45
Hello everybody,

I'm back with a short update after months of silence and relative well-being.

In my previous blog post I was praising a Romanian brand of mustard for its more than positive effects. In the meantime I have been brought down to earth by several mild relapses and the fact that a few of my symptoms refused to go away completely. However, I can say that my general condition has been more than acceptable, allowing me to function almost normally.

Having assumed for a long time that mine is an fungal infection, I decided about 5 weeks ago to embark on a risky experiment by adding oral chlorquinaldol to my daily regimen. To my utmost surprise, I got some significant improvements such as:

Recovered only with supplements and diet

Submitted by tudor on Sun, 2009-01-11 00:15

Hello all,

Since I have a full life now my entry will be brief.

This meesage is addressed to those who have seen no real/obvious improvements from taking antibiotics for a long time. It is not meant to challenge Dr. Stratton's theory, as my case might not be representative for this community.

And now the entry:

Using antibiotics for months despite getting no immediate and clear relief has been my worst mistake.

As I repeatedly stated on cpnhelp, bacteria might not be the real culprit in my case. While I still can't point at the cause of my disease, it's probably fungal.

A new theory?

Submitted by tudor on Thu, 2008-10-09 14:19

Hello all,

Before reading my posting please be prepared for something unorthodox for this site. It is all related to my personal experience, which might be very different from yours.

I met today with two good friends of mine, who are doctors in local hospitals. One is infectionist, the other internist (maybe it's not the right term - he's dealing with the internal organs). The latter is really open minded.

They are both very skeptical regarding the duration of the treatment and the die-off reactions.

After discussing my evolution for 2 hours, they came up with an interesting hypothesis.

What if the cause is not chlamydia but a fungus of the microsporidia genus or something similar, maybe even unknown to the medical community yet?

My battle with an invisible enemy (CpN, microsporidia, worm???)

Submitted by tudor on Thu, 2008-10-02 04:39

Hello everybody,

Since I'm new here I will start by telling you the whole story (a very weird one).

I believe my ordeal started after an unprotected sexual contact with my ex-girlfriend. This happened in June 2006.

She had told me about a possible fungal infection she got from an unchlorinated swimming pool and I ignored the warning. Soon after I started having burning sensations after ejaculation, which disappeared rapidly and witthout treatment.

This happened 2 years ago.

The following 2 months were the best in my life, with a fantastic vacation in Halkidiki (Greece), destination which I recommend to all of you (when you get better) for its fabulous water (calm and really warm).