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Pulse #50

Hi everyone, Terri completed her 50th pulse yesterday, which was her third 10 day pulse with 10 day intervals. We built up to this with three 7 day pulses and a nine day pulse at normal intervals after reactions were virtually un-detectable by pulse #43.

We have tried to increase the Tinii on two previous occasions and quickly had to back-track due to lack of recovery time between pulses causing increased weakness, so we find it extremely encouraging that this attempt sees no build-up of die-off or weakness.

Pulse #41

Hi folks, pleased to say that Terri completed her 41st pulse yesterday, improvements are still coming slowly but more importantly they are staying with us.The pulses are much easier now but it is still apparent that the Tinni is still doing its job. Tiredness and extra inflamation during or after pulsing is now down to just a few days and is so much easier to cope with.

Pulse #31

Hi everyone, Terri starts pulse #31 next week and is still experiencing slow steady improvements and ample evidence that the anti’s are still doing their job.

We got to three week pulses but found them too onerous with not enough recovery time between pulses and so we reverted back to four week pulses.

Start pulse # 21 on Monday.

Hi everyone, first of all apologies for posting so little.

Terri starts pulse #21 on Monday, how time flies, she is coping much better with the die-off and we are working our way up to three week pulses, currently on 23 days.

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