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Glad 2016 is gone.

Glad 2016 is gone.

Three years in....

13/10/15 three years in I feel totally clear in the head, I am able to talk to someone and listen to someone else at the same time, I had always been able to do this until about 10 years ago.  I am so sharp that my husband is annoying me as he is so slow……  I am sure he needs to do capi as well but our GP will not prescribe for him.  I will fight that battle when I have finished fighting my own battle. 

Two years in......

Two years in……

Have not updated for a while.

Wednesday 16/07/14

17th pulse

I have done 16 pulses.  Some things have become worse since stating Capi but other things have become much better.  I have also noticed over the last month or two that I can stand with my eyes shut, not all the time but sometimes.  I look much worse to watch me walk but I FEEL much better.  I can also now stand up out of a chair easily and in one fluid motion.

End of May and 16th pulse

Thursday 15/05/14

I have been able to stand still, I stood up to show my GP that I could and just stood still without swaying.  he noticed that I stood in one fluid motion, not a struggle.  Before doing the very first pulse I felt really good, very strong and stable on my feet but I have not felt that good since then. 

Saturday 24/05/14

15th pulse April to today.

Wednesday 02/04/14

14th pulse and catch up from February to March

I just realised i have not update my blog since February so here is the first update which covers pulse 14.

Sunday 16/02/14

The Week from hell......... 13th pulse

We live in a bushfire prone area, we have had hardly any rain this year, maybe 10 - 15 ml.  If anyone remembers the bushfires from 2009 we live very close to where some of the worsts ones were.  If the wind had changed direction 5 minutes later than it did the CFA (fire service) said it would have burnt us out.  2009 is when my walking really started to become a problem.

12th pulse Jan 2014

I have not been able to update my blog since December because i have been too brain fogged and not able to type or walk.  the reason for that in the next blog update. 

Thursday 02/01/14

11th pulse

I had aches and pains and burning in feet and hands a week before starting this pulse. I also had the energy to vacuume the family room one day and the bedroom and hallway the next.  I thought I had a UTIi a week ago because I felt stinging.  I saw my GP and he did a urine test but it came back as ok, he had given me a prescription which I filled as I was sure I had a UTIi.

10th pulse

Two weeks before I started this pulse one night I was talking while getting ready for bed, I suddenly realised that i was rubbing my face cream in with my right hand, this is something i have not been able to do for a long time.

One year on.....

I took my first doxyi tablet on the 13th of October 2012 so thought I would do an update.

9th pulse

i finished my last blog with.......


Monday 30/09/13

Legs did improve but are still not right.  I have total feeling in them on and off.  It comes and goes.  I have been rather grumpy for a few days, no idea why, a bit like I am when I pulse.  I am due to start 9th pulse today but am putting it off until Friday because I have a very busy week this week.  I should have started it last Friday, so it was over the weekend. My balance had been really good, so much so that I was able to close my eyes in the shower without holding on for dear life.  It has gone off a bit again now. 

******** this is how that day ended up.....

is there a section for carers to read?

My husband needs to understand what this is all like from my point of view.  I have tried to explain but it all gets very messy and heated so I wondered if there is any info for carers to read. 

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