An easy Pedicure

Submitted by Sarah on Thu, 2014-10-23 13:08

No, not nail varnish: I hate the stuff.  Two days ago, though, I decided my toenails needed cutting yet again and this time I cut them all with both feet sitting calmly on the floor: absolutely no extensor plantar activity.  It has taken a long time: when I first started treatment, it was so bad that my foot could come up and hit me in the face.  Over the years it has lessened bit by bit, even after finishing antibiotics, but now it has gone completely.  I thought it might the last few times I have cut my toenails but now it has happened!.......................Sarah

Supplements from Amazon

Submitted by Sarah on Tue, 2014-01-28 12:23

One place I have found very useful for buying supplements, especially if you only need one or two things, is each countries Amazon: they seem to sell virtually anything now, although some things like melatonin are only available from third party suppliers: I can get this within a few days, though..............................SarahA Journey through Light and Shadow

"Exciting" new MS trial, would you believe!

Submitted by Sarah on Wed, 2013-07-17 10:34

There is a new multi-arm trial starting in October in the UK for people with SPMS.  It is supposed to be exciting because it involves one of three pre-existing ‘of-the-shelf’ drugs not previously used for MS.  Anyone interested can find out from Edinburgh University or University College, London: your horses though: it does not involve antibiotics.  I will be writing to both the neurologist in charge of the London arm and the woman in charge of organising the trial  to ask them why not......................SarahA Journey through Light and Shadow

The Need for a Vaccine Against Chlamydia Pneumoniae

Submitted by Sarah on Tue, 2013-05-28 14:06

It has been very nearly ten years since I started the antibiotic protocol for multiple sclerosis initially developed at Vanderbilt University only a few years previously. After a tricky start of a couple of weeks I adjusted to the treatment quite easily: easier than many people here, so although I finished the treatment after four years, I stayed around to to offer advice to new people wanting to start the treatment. There has been very little progress since then: it is not the easiest of treatments and many people drop out.

The Dangers of Long-term Antibiotic Use?

Submitted by Sarah on Sun, 2013-02-03 11:57

I finished antibiotics in 2007, after taking them for four years.  Last weekend I started taking roxithromycin again, a short course for an infected forefinger which had become so swollen that it was interfering with my work.   Funnily enough, the treatment worked and my right forefinger is now as slim as my left and the wound caused by a splinter has healed and said finger is busy fitting up my new state of the art printer.  You read about how long term antibiotics are such a bad thing, but I thought I should post this to maybe put peoples’ minds at rest and maybe, just maybe make timorous GPs think twice when they refuse to treat chronically ill people with the combined antibiotic protocol.

DW on holiday

Submitted by Sarah on Wed, 2013-01-09 13:15

DW is worn out so I have suggested to him to have a two week holiday to regain strength.  Also there is a bit of pruning to do whilst everything is dormant: the mulberry tree in our front garden is going to block out light from my studio come the spring..............Sarah A Journey through Light and Shadow