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Submitted by Rodney on Thu, 2010-04-15 01:08
I am so glad I found this site. I have been to so many Dr's and had so many wrong diagnoses.  Ashtma, Broncitis, enphasema sinisitis, cronic fatigue., FIbro Myalgia. Recently I found a new Dr. that thinks out of the box. Since I have been a heavy equipement mechanic for 35 years, he tested me for heavy metals, ant it came back positive for lead. My new Dr. also looked at my B12 and D3 levels which were both extreamly low. Now today I got the test results back from my CPN IGG test, and it was positive. I have been getting B12 injections weekly now for 6 weeks along with suppliments of B12, D3, and an entire wiches brew of additional suppliments and probiotics. The 2 weeks of Axithromax felt like sticking a knife in my lungs along with feeling so bad I wanted quit the CAP.