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Just checking in--it's been a long time.

Greetings to all my friends on CpnHelp,

Been a while since I posted a blog. Last year, at the end of the summer, I went on the Buhner herbs for Cpn. My right arm was feeling swollen and tight. This is the arm that was so painful when I was really ill. Spots that looked like skin cancer popped up on that arm and my chest.

After the first week of herbs, I had a huge headache all day. The next day, my mind felt sharper and clearer. After three weeks the right arm was back to feeling normal and the red spots totally disappeared! Amazing! My energy was better too.

Big mistake--I upped the dosages. That really affected my gut. I had to stop all the herbs.

Keeping a Lid on Cpn

Hello again,

just checking in this month. I have been really busy extracting myself from my teaching job. I retired and I'm finally free. Now I will have the time to take better care of my health. Had some Cpni testing done earlier in the year and levels have been rising. I did a few rounds of Ivermectin and it cut the testing amount in half but Ivermectin only goes after the elementary bodyi form of Cpn.

It worked!

It appears that Ivermectin is able to lower my Cpni IGGi. After four treatments, it went from 1:128 to 1:64. Cut in half. Will do another round soon.

Thought you would all like to know about this.

What side effects did I experience? Lots of leg pain with the first dose. Some headaches. Body aches. Last dose cause some stomach pain. Not anywhere near what I experienced with abxi.However, my doc is skeptical about it having lasting effects. Well, abxi don't seem to have lasting effects against this bug. We get re exposed and we are back on the merry go round. Or we don't kill them all. Some of my infection got into my bones. I recall having terrible bone pain in my legs with Flagyli.

Currently I feel good and I'm able to work a full day and continue on with my workouts.

She flies back to say Hi.

hi everyone,

Its been a long time since I posted. Been working like a slave and busy trying to get my studio renovated. This is my last year teaching and I'm retiring in June. Really looking forward to that.

As for my health, I am glad I found a good naturopath. I have learned a lot from her about keeping healthy. Was skeptical at first but found a good one who is very knowledgeable.

She had me tested for Lyme and co infectionsi through Igenex in Calif. I did indeed have Lyme as well as Bartonella. So in addition to Cpni, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and my passel of viruses there were these other infections. She thinks it was the tick bite (that I never noticed) that just sent me over the edge.

Greetings to All from Raven

Thinking about all of you. Wishing everyone wonderful holidays and happy and healthy New Year.

I'm doing well as long as I stay away from mold. Damn stuff is everywhere!

love to you all,



Happy New Year friends!

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year to all my Cpnhelp friends. I haven't been around much as I have been very busy with work.

Been feeling good except for a nasty virus I picked up before Thanksgiving. Mold exposure really affected my immunei system. Mega doses of C really help. 

I keep referring people to the site as I keep in touch with some Lyme groups. Many people with Lyme probably also have Cpn and don't know it. This may be complicating their recovery or the protocolsi we use must be the answer to killing Lyme too.

Many thanks for all the support while I was recovering. Love to you all,


C, C and More C!!!!!!

I can't believe I was such a chicken about high dose vitamin C! I thought that 7 grams was a big dose.

Now that I have overcome my fears, I take about 12 grams a day spaced over the waking hours. Two grams of this are the liposomal C. The rest is Source Naturals. ( will post a link to it at the end)

My mold sensitivities had really gone down. My doctor has found that high dosees of C increase MSH (melanite stimulating hormone) something that is very low in mold exposure patients. This is one of the things they test for when exposure is suspected.

Also, been dodging all the bugs going 'round this winter. Priceless!!!


The Devil You Don't Know

Last year I found out I was working in a room that was water damaged and full of mold toxins and other dangerous organisms. While I was successfully treating Cpni and driving it out, I still was feeling terrible. Eye pain, blurry vision, head pressure, balance and memory issues--I thought my treatment was not working. My doctor did some blood tests and found I had several markers for biotoxin illness. The treatment is removal from the environment, Cholestyramine (to remove mycotoxins) and massive doses of vitamin C. I am much better but now react to any source of mold I encounter. I was lucky to be able to move out of my building as it was torn down this summer and I moved to a much cleaner room. Here is an article about biotoxin illness.

Ignore the Mold Connection at Your Peril

Been doing a lot of reading on the mold/immunei system connection. As we all know, mold is everywhere. However, about 25% of the population have problems dealing with the toxins it produces.


I have also found an interesting article about mycotoxins and the immune system:

A whole list of articles I haven't had time to get through yet:


This one is revealing:


Just Checking In

Have been so busy with work, I haven't been around here much in the past few weeks. Miss you all.

Definitely have the mold thing happening. I took Cholsteryramine for a few weeks and felt better. Had some exposure today to our garage which smells moldy and had a definite reaction--nerve pain on the side of my head.

Funny thing, this weekend, I was feeling better than I have for a long time. No noticeable inflammationi.Lots of energy. It may be the Modified Citrus Pectin I began taking last week. Supposed to be a mild chelator, anti cancer and good for lowering inflammation. Still continuing with A-Bart for Bartonella. Have been off the CAPi antibioticsi since Jan 17th this year. The bumps and itching under my scalp are gone. Naturopath thinks it was Bartonella.

And Just One More Thing...

Just when you think you have a handle on what is making you sick, along comes another pestilence.

Both my doctors are now looking into mold sensitivities as the cause of my remaining symptoms.

Treating with A-Bart

This is an herbal preparation for treating Bartonella. Finally worked up to 20 drops a day of the Byron White formula A-Bart. The first week was peppered with night sweats, waking up at odd hours in the night and swelling and itching of my scalp. Also had some headaches.

Have tapered off the Wilson's protocol, was told to wait 3 days before restarting.

Taking supplementsi to boost the immunei system like Epicor, Transfer Factor and a new supplement called ImmunoPlus  www.TotalHealthEnhance.com <

So far so good--my students are passing around a nasty respiratory infection and I am still doing OK--I usually have a serious lung infection this time of year.

Quick Update

Just a quick update on the progress so far on the new treatment plan.

My naturopath consulted with a doc who has had a lot of success treating Lyme and co-infectionsi with natural remedies. He recommended Byron White's formulas. I am currently ramping up on A-Bart for Bartonella.

According to this Lyme expert, these infections take turns being active in the body. He told my doctor to observe symptoms to determine which one is on top of the stack. He compares it to layers. That is the one to go after. It is all about timing.

I began A-Bart about a week ago and currently taking up to 10 drops. Supposed to get up to 20 drops. It smells like barbeque sauce--very strong garlic smell. I have had Tinnitus">i and night sweats-also waking up in the middle of the night .

A Change in Treatment Plan

My naturopath thinks I may also have Bartonella in addition to Lyme. She and I agreed to do a trial of using A-Bart from Byron White's formulas. I will also go off the abxi. I just finished a Tinii pulse and there was not a reaction. She thinks the Bartonella is on the top of the stack right now and that is what we are going after.

We have been boosting my immunei system with Epicor and Transfer Factor. Also using Wilson's protocol. Hormone replacement was adjusted. Treating for yeast. I have been feeling pretty good except for the scalp pain, bumps under the scalp and some numb toes. The nerve sensations along my spine are still there but only appear in the morning occasionally. Have felt strong during my workouts so energy is returning.

Miracles of Vitamin C

Once again I am reminded of just how powerful vitamin C can be. We took our tiny tabby girl cat to the vet for her check up and she was dosed with a combo vaccine. The next day, she began sneezing and progressed to feeling lethargic and curled up on the bed looking uncomfortable. after a few days of this, I dosed her with some calcium ascorbate in water. (about 250 mgs) twice a day. After two doses and lots of napping in an old scarf, the next day the sneezing was minimal and she perked up. Continued with another two doses and today she is frisky, chasing string, rolling around on the bed with her toy rat. I was thinking of taking her back to the vet but I think I did the right thing with giving her the C.
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