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Brain aterial blockage

Submitted by Rainy on Fri, 2006-10-06 16:40

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

I've been following your site for a few weeks now and am starting to catch on.

July 2006 my left arm went limp and i turned ghost white.  My gp sent me to the neurologist thinking  - this is MS.

The neurologist did a MRI and found blockage in my "left vertebral artery at the level of the dens" (no indication of ms).  The CT scan of my neck showed NO problems.  My blood work showed NO cholesterol or any other problems.  The EKG of my heart was perfect.  SO.......what is the neuro guy going to do with this?????

I am waiting for a blood sereology test for cpn  2 wks culture) to come back (couple weeks or more).  I wish i had asked for a pcr (24 hr dna) or icc test.  The doctor is giving me one shot at testings with my suggestions.  When i showed the doctor the white spots on my arms they backed up like it was leprosy. HA.   I said they appeared this summer and they do not tan.