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Beginning Dr Hahn' Protocol

Submitted by protocol on Thu, 2009-06-11 18:15
Tomorrow I will be starting the 12 wk protocol. I was lucky enough to get my General Physician to give us the go ahead. I had previously experienced vertigo from an inner ear infection after a bout of bronchitis. The PA prescribed azithromycin and after taking the 5 day Z Pak I was amazed to notice that my adult onset asthma had taken a serious hit! Sooo I googled az & asthma and found your site. I quickly searched for some clinical support, made copies and got in to the doctor. Their normal protocol for asthma was steroidal and Singular etc. I wasn't a big fan of prednisone and took adverse reaction to Singular. But by the very evidence of my asthma sympton reduction we came to the understanding to give this a try. I will follow up this post with a running account of how things go.