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when does CAP treatment end?

Submitted by padeyas on Sat, 2008-04-05 06:47

  my questions to all you Cpn veterans.  is it safe to say that if you were to test your Cpn antibiodies they'd be below reference, thus, negative, right? 

assumming the patient is feeling good (after 2 years on CAP) and with no improvement seen over the last 6 months (hit roadblock).  their improvments are noted as >75% improvments.  ok, i guess my question is when does one stop taking CAP?  i could be wrong, but the marker doesnt seem to be blood test driven, so i am assumming it subjectively up to who he/she is feeling.  are there any or a lot of >2 years CAP'ers that will be ceasing soon?

Azithromycin Dosage

Submitted by padeyas on Fri, 2008-03-28 23:49

i'm curious.  the consensous here for zithro dosage seems to be 500mg.  well, when my old physician initially treated my infectious cause she prescribed zithro 500mg qd (daily) along with doxy 200mg qd for 3 months.  well, after about 3 weeks on this dosage my stomach pain were inbearable!  i now realize it was the DAILY 500mg of zithro that did the damage.  needless to say,  i stopped and it wasnt until i found this site that i decided to start treatment again (about 6 months later).  i started back up with 500mg zithro MWF along with the doxy.  well, after seeing Dr.

Lab Results

Submitted by padeyas on Fri, 2008-03-28 19:20

hey everyone!  though i've had a GRIP of lab draws over the last 2 years my old physician NEVER tested me for Cpn.  i was HIGH for mycoplasma and given the nature of that organism i never doubted i was in the right place here. 

well, Dr Powell tested me for Cpn and i got my results today.  i was high at 1:128 (reference <1:64).  i looked at some member labs results in the past.  some must of went through another laboratory due to their result numbers, but it looks as though my results are "RELATIVELY" low.  i would love anyones opinion on the results.  also, is it common that after > 1 year of therapy that our IgG antibody titers will be NON DETECABLE?  has anyone on here had elevated IgM antibodies (indicative of a current infection)? 

Horny Goat weed experience

Submitted by padeyas on Thu, 2008-03-20 14:45

does anyone have experience with the use of horny goat weed?  my physician would like me to try it to warm my hands/feet up. 

does anyone have experience with this herb?  i have always been a LITTLE weary about the use of herbs as MANY times they possess MORE side effects then prescription drugs.  well, i'd love to hear ANY input on its use or other methods to warm the peripherals (hands/feet). 

My Dr. Powell Experience...

Submitted by padeyas on Mon, 2008-03-10 21:40
First off, I want to thank Jim, Raven, Prescansario and anyone else that encouraged me by their kind words for Dr. Powell.  They were all nothing short of true!  The fact that I drove 3 hours each way and got a flat tire I still feel like my consult went exceptionally well.  His office is very modest and is FAR from the ambience of the ‘cash cow’ corporation I was used to (Holtorf Medical Group).   I am in NO way knocking a physician for having a 52 inch plasma on their wall for patients to view, but just stating Dr.