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Flagy & feeling Fine??

Submitted by OPILOT on Fri, 2009-10-09 14:15

Well, first Flagyl pulse, and NOT a single bit of trouble! 

Okay, I mean my neck still hurts, and I've got some sinus drainage stuff, goop in the eyes in the morning, and the tummy gurrgles all the time quite loudly thank you.  But so far, that's it.

No brain fog, no dreaded depression.  Actually I'm feeling okay!

Now, when I'm on doxy totally different story!  Either I have an individual reaction to the (generic brand) doxy, or the doxy is killing some serious bugs.  All my neck and muscle pains returned in full.  I had aching feet, general low energies and feverish feeling. and depression and insomnia.  I get cold spells too and need the hot tub to warm up even in milder weather. 

NAC flu, die off or abx symptom?

Submitted by OPILOT on Mon, 2009-10-05 10:24

So, its been 3 weeks since seeing my LLMD.  He diagnosed me as borderline hypo (and yes, I knew this was coming, I have anti bodies to thyroid have had for years, but couldn't get the PCP to acutally take me seriously!!) and gave me Armour thyroid.  :)  Well, as close as we can get, since Armour is off the market due to the evil FDA guys.  Big pharma can't make money off Armour, so they want to shut that option down for us...

Anyway he told me I probably still had the Lyme, since I was feeling worse about 3/4 wks after my first course of doxy. 

We agreeded to do a trial, and he put me on doxy again.  Within about 3 days of hitting 2x 100 mgs, I had an incredible flair up of symptoms, right where my original ones were - the neck! 

vomiting on Zithro and NAC together & Honey cures skin

Submitted by OPILOT on Sat, 2009-09-12 12:06

So I had to quit taking the doxy and zithro because of the horrible food poison vomiting I had on Sunday night.  I have never been so sick in my life - and if it was not food poisoning it could have been that I took NAC and Zithro and supplements together with food and that when it it hit my gut after 6 hours, it found a Cpn pocket... who knows?


Zithro and NAC and Hypertropic scars....

Submitted by OPILOT on Mon, 2009-09-07 22:42

Well, I took my NAC too close to my zithro I guess.

I spent most of last night vomiting and in SEVERE pain

and abdominal distress.  I thought I was having appendicitis

it got so bad.....so glad I did not have to work today due to labor day being on tap.


I had my Zithro with food at 3 pm, and my NAC round

about that time.  Maybe that's not too bright?


I know some people (less than 3 percent) reported on zithro they had vomiting and were told to stop the Zithro.

Effect of NAC with Zithro

Submitted by OPILOT on Sun, 2009-09-06 15:07

Well I did my NAC 1,200mg with Zithro and Doxy yesterday - and I made it through the night without waking up in a drenching sweat/fever. 

My neck which was very irritated sore and crunchy

and inflammed yesterday seems vastly better.

Before bed I took 400 mg ibuprofen, 900 mg vit D and

also this new herbal Zyflamm with all sort of

stuff like tumeric, ginger etc.  I also took my

customary benadryl - which has been my non prescription

form of sleeping drug.  It makes me sleepy enough to

overcome my insomnia and inability to fall asleep.


One thing new I notice is that I am getting sleepier

during the day light / early evening feeling tired

and yawing.  This happens particularly on days

Thank You All for Welcome

Submitted by OPILOT on Sat, 2009-09-05 17:10

Thank you for the welcome.  I am so happy to read about people who have similar issues and who don't think I"m crazy for wanting to try and do this protocol. 

Cpn is probably very similar to Lyme's in what kinds of disease states it produces in those unlucky enough to get it and have a weakened immune system. 

The Lyme's folks all know what I mean when I say "cracking popping in my neck" for example! 

New Here...

Submitted by OPILOT on Fri, 2009-09-04 16:53

Hi.  new here.  Have just started Weldon protocol while I wait to see

a Lyme's doc.  A little introduction and a question:


Have had multiple tick bites from 2005-2009, culminating in

being diagnosed after stiff neck, abnormal RBC and WBC counts, exhaustion

 and flu symptoms with Lymes. 


3 wks doxy prescribed (that was ALL I got despite pleading).  At 3 wks of treatment,

I had a mild onset of symptoms that resembled pyphorria.  (did not know at the time).

they cleared when I stopped taking the doxy.  My RBC went up some, but WBC is

still kind of low.


Went off doxy (finished) felt okay, but then the neck pains, popping and crunching,