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Submitted by MSmom on Wed, 2012-12-19 07:00

Is anyone "mopping" with Chlorella?  We need to know how much and how often is needed to "work."  E is taking the recommended doseage written on the bottle. I think it's 3 pills a day. She takes it  all at one time, once a day, when she is "going down" for the night. She has been doing the Chlorella for three weeks. There is little or no diference in die off symptoms yet. PLEASE, would someone tell us what works for you?

Thank you!


Cp in triplicate

Submitted by MSmom on Tue, 2012-10-30 22:15

Does anyone know what stimulates  a reticular body to morph into the cryptic stage? Is there space for more than one Cpn cell stage inside one host cell? What triggers a cryptic form to abandon its protective coating ? Does it remain a reticular body inside its coat of armor?Does it ever emerge from its crypt?

Trying to figure out Amoxicillin's job in the CAP triggered these questions. I realized I didn't understand how the three stages of Cpn developed from each other. I believe Amoxi 's job is to attack EBs. I presume it attacks both newly arrived EBs and the EBs the RBs release when they mature to explode the host cell.

If I have this wrong, please set me straight.

Thank you.

MSmom    Betsy

Amoxicillin/ NAC

Submitted by MSmom on Sun, 2012-10-21 14:19

Does anyone remember the olden days , before NAC, when Amoxi was used in the CAP ?

I'm thinking E needs Amoxi to kill Elementary bodies. She has taken nothing to specifically attack EBs for the past 12 months. She cannot do NAC right now; it throws her "over the edge" along with other high sulfur food and meds. BUT, since discontinuing NAC, she has had no noticible glimmers or improvements. If we knew the recommended dosage for Amoxicillin,  we could get it prescribed for November.

In hindsight, she feels like she has "wasted" these many months of treatment. I think not, but I KNOW she needs help to accomodate Cpn treatment with other  medical issues.

"bio identical"

Submitted by MSmom on Sat, 2012-10-06 22:25

Is anyone using "bio identical" neutraceuticals (supplements) in  place of "synthetic' supplements:vitamins, amino acids, antioxidents, etc?   The explanations  "appear" legitimate: are they? ie: methyl  colabalamine in place of cyana (sp) colabalamine (B 12)    Alpha Lipoic Acid r  in place of alpha lipoic acid  s (synthetic) , a combination of B5 and B6 to replace synthetic B6.

"Bio identical"  makers claim their supplements are more efficiently utilized by the body: that their chemical makeup and structure  mimic ithe supplement in its naturally occuring form. Synthetic supplements are not "carbon copies" of the original.. However, it seems obvious that both are synthetically made.

Taking out the garbage

Submitted by MSmom on Fri, 2012-07-27 21:40

If toxins and dead or dying cells remain in tissues for extended periods of time (months/years) and/or if same recirculate through the blood numerous times, is the formation of casncerous cells a logical consequence? Especially in light of a damaged immune system?

I'm wondering if "moppers" are a necessity; not merely a "comfort" tool. AND if the moppers we have available DO what needs to be done efficiently. OR, do we simply wait  out the inflammation: "all in Nature's good time"?

I watch Erica's extreme inflammatory reaction to the abx for the past year. Several great "glimmers"  have occurred, but the feet and legs are many times worse than this time last year.