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I'm almost cooked

Submitted by Moggie on Mon, 2016-06-20 06:09

Jeez, how time flies. I ramped up pulses to every other week and have now done at least 24 and will start another this weekend.I r        eally think that I have just about done it. I remember being told that I would finish with what I started with and i am breaking out in patches of psoriasis and that is what I first had. M    y MS - balance is still off and my eyes are still damaged. Rheumatoid - my joints are much better, my knees are still deformed but they are working. I have started to lift weights and I have been able to do the gardening this year. I am walking without my stick most days too. I have more energy, I can focus much better and I feel well mentally.

Pulse 18

Submitted by Moggie on Thu, 2016-02-11 06:17

It seems like I only started this a few weeks ago but having just counted pulses on the calendar and checked my tini supply, it is 18. I don't get ill whilst pulsing, i get die-off 1-2 weeks after. Its nothing major, itching, aching and fatigue. i usually take turmeric and have epsom salts baths to help. I also find that mouth washing with coconut oil, as well as cleaning my mouth and teeth heals my psoriasis. This time i have had nothing but then again I have been relaxing in geo-thermic pools. We went to Iceland and after being in the Blue Lagoon for an hour I didn't ache for 2 days, which is unheard of with Rheumatoid Arthritis. i saw the lights but my camera isn't good enough to get photos, they all came out black.

Pulse 11

Submitted by Moggie on Wed, 2015-07-29 04:55

Being brave, I pulsed whilst on holiday and as pulsing week is fine that was all good. we both caught a bug flying home though and last week was a wash out! I inject methotrexate but as we only had hand luggage I couldn't be bothered with a cool pack taking up room and getting it past customs so I missed a weeks dose. Then having a bad stomach on top and die off- yuk.I spent 4 days either in bed or lying moaning on the settee. I kept taking all my tablets, abx and supps until Saturday. Saturday I took nothing until tea time and then it was just paracetamol. that is the first time I have missed my abx. 

Pulse 10

Submitted by Moggie on Sat, 2015-06-27 05:10

Watch out Supaguy I'm catching you. I pulsed last week and boy am I suffering this one. I have said that my inflammation is up after pulse but this time!!! I injured my back a few years ago and it laid me up for months, well, it has come back. i have been using the tens machine, my back board,my shiatshu chair massager and I've been in the jacuzzi. I can't do the garden or the housework so poor old hubby has to do it as well as tile my kitchen. My shoulders, elbows and fingers are all hurting too. i can see the swelling on my knuckles. I hope it settles down again quick as I am so BORED.

8th pulse

Submitted by Moggie on Tue, 2015-04-28 08:37

Well I've been busy and am doing more pulses. I wanted to test my theory that my inflammation is being triggered by die-off. The good news is that I am correct so, as much as it is, quite literally, a pain it means that I am winning the war against this infection. I order 180 tini so I'm all set to continue the fight.

 My glimmers are that, apart from pulsing time, my inflammation seems to be lower as I am coping well with my arthritis and am managing to keep on top of the gardening and the house chores. My thinking is clearer and my memory is better too.


Submitted by Moggie on Wed, 2015-03-11 06:46

I pulsed last week and thought it uneventful, huh. This week I am sleeping all the time, I'm aching, the costochondritis and the scaling at my mouth have flared up. The good news is that this must show that I'm killing it. This being the case, then I will go to 3 week pulses so I can finish it off quicker.

6th pulse

Submitted by Moggie on Fri, 2015-03-06 06:01

Again everything went well. I saw some posts about tini being unavailable, well, they must have made some more as I've ordered lots.

 I 've also seen all the buzz about stem cell trials. This will get SupaGuy going. Wales is not funding anyone to join a trail!!!!

5th pulse

Submitted by Moggie on Fri, 2015-02-13 12:06

Another uneventful pulse. I'm tired this week mind but  that could be the seasonally adjusted disorder kicking in.

I have 2 stories to make you chuckle.

I went shopping this morning without my wallet. Remembered as I walked into shop and picked up basket. Had my phone which has my key and pass pass but forgot card wallet. Luckily I keep an emergency £5 in it so was able to get a few things, will have to go again tomorrow though.

There's an old guy I often see on bus/shops etc. We exchanged the normal hi, how are you and then he whispered something. I learned over to hear.. he propositioned me !!!

I'm going to sit at the back of the bus tomorrow to avoid him.

4th full 5 day pulse.

Submitted by Moggie on Thu, 2015-01-15 06:02

Have completed an uneventful 5 day pulse. I tolerate the anti-biotics very well. I saw the GP last week as my head was itching with the psriosis like mad and I hate flecks falling from my hair. He said the sores on my mouth looked fungal and gave me clotrimazole cream which is working.I have dovobet gel for the patch on my wrist and I bought T-gel. I hate the smell of it but the itching has stopped. It was driving me mad. I couldn't sleep for itching. My head, arms legs aarrgghh.