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Mark's update after 24 months on the CAP

Submitted by mlandstra on Sat, 2016-06-11 22:41

Guys I thought I would post this –it might help some out there. I live in Australia. I have had CFS for around 20 years & have always been able to hold down a job (at times coming home early for a nap). I have still been able to get out & exercise (I love cycling & skiing!). I live in Australia. Often it takes me a while to recharge after these activities. You could say that I was running at about 70% of where a healthy person would be. My main symptoms are fatigue & brain fog. After visiting 18 different Dr’s finally one diagnosed me with CPN & I ended up seeing a Dr who is happy to treat this in Australia. He started me on the tinidazole, roxythromycin & minocycline. After not herxing on any of these he switched me to a longer pulse using the metronidazole.

How do i get rid of brain fog?

Submitted by mlandstra on Sun, 2015-10-18 05:51


I have had no relief from brain fog (or fatigue). I started on abx 21 months ago. I have a CPN infection (no MS) & am still reasonably active & working. I am on most supplements recommended here. Does anyone have any great tricks for getting rid of brain fog? I wish i was batman & had some "anti brain-fog" spray. he had a spray for any tricky situation.

ANy ideas welcome!!!!

thanks, Mark

Curcumin vs cpn

Submitted by mlandstra on Thu, 2015-04-30 23:01


I had a dose of 15 mg of THC (tetradydracurcumin) on my skin & then got what i think was a herx reaction. Either that or got the flu by coincidence the next day.

I notice that others are using tumeric/curcumin.

-has anyone measured the antigen once the herx has started? If we are having a big release of C-reactive protein that is probably what knocks us about.

-does anyone have easy access to a lab that does this? we can play Tongue Out

Interestingly the reaction from the THC was far greater than any other abx i am on. 

Will see what the brains trust comes back with.

thanks all!