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Submitted by manycatz on Mon, 2007-12-31 10:09

When I first started CAP on azithromycin and doxycycline I had to keep food in my stomach at all times because it was like some bottomless hunger pit. My stomach NEEDED food lol. It was mostly about my stomach then. After a few months that got somewhat better.

Now just recently doing the flagyl (consistent) and I already had to lower the dose to 250mg a day, I'm having some major episodes that are like when your blood sugar drops. You feel a bit sick, you start to shake, and generally you know you need food or sugar. Standing up waiting in line at the grocery store was interesting today.

Down with the flagyl!

Submitted by manycatz on Mon, 2007-12-24 15:42

 I started flagyl for the first time a few weeks ago. I am doing it constant, no pulsing. I started at 250 mg twice a day. The pain came on with a vengance despite proper pain control, my sleep went haywire, I was sleeping few hours here and there. I started to get overly fatigued. But I was thankful that the taste wasn't too horrendous and I had no headaches as I have had from this drug in the past.

  The pain got so bad I quit taking all my CAP meds, had a week before I saw the doctor. Saw my doc, he cut back the flagyl to 250mg once a day. Changed my pain medicine a bit. So far so good. I'm hoping I can tolerate this small dose. If not then I will need more supportive meds or switch to pulsing.

Cripes a year and 12 weeks

Submitted by manycatz on Tue, 2007-12-11 08:53

 Well it seems to have been a year and 12 weeks since I started CAP and joined this site. I keep meandering off and doing other things. Nothing very constant though. At least I was able to get out of bed this summer and work to regain some strength after what amounts to 2 years in bed.

 I started the CAP last september but then my endometriosis problems were so out of control along with herxing that I was bed bound until I had surgery In april, then took me about 2 months to get up form that- then had the summer where I was somewhat productive. 

7 month in

Submitted by manycatz on Wed, 2007-06-13 10:28


 I did 6 months of antibiotics, noticed the shaking/weakness episodes begin to slip away (hooray!). Edema I had been starting to have quite frequently (and badly) in my ankles prior to antibiotics went away. My heart racing/off beat has also resolved! So theres a few things im noticing. Basically my "stranger" symptoms are resolving but I am still left with pain, fatigue, etc etc.

The weakness

Submitted by manycatz on Mon, 2006-10-02 19:13


 Im not 100percent sure where this post should go so Ill put it here, please feel free to redirect me for next time.

 Im wondering how many of you have shaking or weakness in limbs (which limbs) or weakness which leads to shaking that has gone unexplained. Its really been bad for a year or two now in my legs.

 Now my legs are getting weaker then usual. Do most of you experience that with the antibiotics? Im not "slipping" just weak. Did any of you find improvement of this with more exercise? Or does it come and go with flare like cycles?



Submitted by manycatz on Wed, 2006-09-27 16:10

 Omg I feel sick. My stomach and intestines arent too happy and on top of that the endometriosis has been acting up. I keep reading about CPN to give me some motivation. I know its the right thing for me to be doing. But making yourself sick when your sick is pretty sickening.

  I did go see a naturopath for homeopathy who helped me many years ago with the internal bleeding. Im not in pain just feel chills/crawly, my belly hurts, and I dont want to put anything into my stomach although strangely at the same time I want to eat. My stomach is pretty pissed off right now. I took some doxy other day without food in my stomach, that led to vomiting bout. I dont like these capsules, seems to me the tablets were better.

 Gladly, Im not in pain, but even thought of taking my pain meds is a lot for me to handle on my stomach at this point. I want to take an anti inflammatory but then again think of my stomach. I just wish I could take something to make me feel better. it doesnt help that im alone, I dont have anyone to help take care of me. My cats do the best they can and I can see them worrying about me this morning.