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Wet age related macular degeneration

Submitted by malory on Sun, 2007-08-05 01:08

Greetings to the list. I am very alone in trying to help my mother with her wet macular degeneration.  As well, she has symptoms of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

She took Minocycline for 3 months earlier this year, left over from about 5 years ago I think and it stopped the leakage in her right eye between doctor visits.  But at the next visit in June, the eye was leaking blood into the macula. The eye doctor sounded annoyed and said there was nothing to do.  I don't believe in the Lucentis or Macugen since it has to be repeated repeatedly by injections into the eye (ouch!)

 Since the minocycline worked, it is obvious to me that there is bacteria there.  I have read somewhere on the net about this, but no mention of what kind of bacteria.