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UPDATE - Yeast/Parasite/Bladder. And yes, I have Lyme as of today

Submitted by luckypenny on Thu, 2014-08-28 16:08

Well, many of you know I have been struggling with some sort of something as far as my title above goes, for about a week and wondering how in hell I would go to school and teach 6.7.8 Music on Tuesday next.

Thanks to all of you for caring and smart advice - I took Pepto Bismol tabs for parasites - kills em dead, D-mannose/cranberry for UTI, tons of probiotics, drugstore yeast treatments, oil of oregano and nothing worked. NOTHING and crazy, until:

Help Ladies?! Well, gentlemen too. Yeast/bladder/parasite probs? Dunno which?

Submitted by luckypenny on Tue, 2014-08-26 17:55

Having these issues and went to two clinics to take a urine sample/stick test in only to be told "after the fact" that they cannot "grow" anything in there or tell what it is because I am on abx. I have had these issues for about a week and need to start back teaching....aargh.

I have done the regular drugstore yeast things/natural things/probiotics to the nth degree, but if they can't tell if there is bacteria then what.....?

Doc said today I need to alkalize so maybe that's true - I will try yet something else. Anyone been here/ any pointers and THANKS for any experiences! Tired. Frown