NAC as a partial cause of high uric acid?

Submitted by luckypenny on Sun, 2017-12-31 08:39

I have higher uric acid over the past 2 years am and looking for the cause (s). Diet is fine. I read that NAC in larger doses can cause this...

I am not on abx anymore, but have maintained the NAC dosage in the Wheldon protocol. Is there rather a "maintenance" dose of NAC to take instead?

I would like to try that to see if urate levels go down.

Anti-biotics not working/kidney liver probs?

Submitted by luckypenny on Sat, 2016-03-26 17:17

Just back from visits with MD and naturopath. It seems that my creatinine is continually low and I am having trouble processing uric acid. Knees are swollen/painful to 3X the size since December with no relief.

Plus, it seems alot more bacteria/parasites etc. in my blood as per live blood cell test today/ recurring UTI/Ear infections/

The opinion seems to be that the abx are not working well/if at all for me anymore and are perhaps not doing my liver/kidneys any good.

Anyone having this problem? Of course, I am terrified to get off it has been a lifesaver. But perhaps a break is needed?

MS/Vein blockage BUT read about the iron!

Submitted by luckypenny on Fri, 2015-09-25 20:13

I have heard about this before - inblocking veins, but never about letting the excess iron go. I have hemachromatosis ( excess iron ) and am not able to give blod anymore - having CPN and being on abx. But I do take a daily dose of IP6/Inositol which keeps the levels down. Not nearly as much twitiching/apin etc.

Hope this helps someone,