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Long and hard - but it works.

In 2004, I believe it was, I began this incredible journey, adventure, trial, name it what you will.

I have recovered more of me than anyone ever suspected was possible.  After many years I stopped all abxi last January because after taking my daily doses, I was no longer having any reaction.  I still continue with NACi, 30,000 units of sublingual B-12, all the other supplementsi, lots of vegerables, good exercise - in other words, trying to live well.  I do have the essential goat milk ice cream milkshake every night when we come in from the barn.

Still going

Twelve and a half years is the time it has taken to get this far.  This has enabled me to see my identical twin grandsons grow into wonderrful young men - they both graduated from the University of Michigan with a straight 4.0 GPA and are now enrolled for their Masters degrees.  I would not have been here if not for this program.  That is one reason I am so delighted that I have had this chance.  


This has been a season of triumph and tragedy, with no time for cpni reading or posting, but the grapevine has brought news that there may be some "quitters" in our midst.  That is hard to fathom- - surely we all realize that there is no room for that .  This takes incredible persistencei and self-discipline.  I, for one, do not make a good invalid, and would bet that none among us do.

It is now ten years for me and it is less that an hour since I took my morning abxi, Doxycycline, Amonicillin, flagyli, and Rifampin.  Tonight it will be those four and 125 mg of Azithromycin.  I still get reaction but nothing even close to the knock-down flat that I experienced for so many, many years.  

Falling Through the Holes in My Brain

Or:  spin, spin, spin, or drill, baby, drill.   Most other things are really good.  I have gone from a walker to my morning hour of near normalcy, then back to being flattened till about 2 PM.

I am now well into my second round of abxi, having done four years, four months, going back to the bottom, then nearly four years of five abxi

The battleground is  now behind my eyes and the fore top front of my brain.  Go on - laugh, but I can FEEL it.  Who ever knows the real locations of the activities in the brain is shaking her/his head by now bu I am the only one in there (ha), and this is how I describe it.

One Thing at a Time

This is a very short blog to list another improvement caused by staying with this, living with this monster every day, and simply staying alive to enjoy the events that can happen in life.

I'm still in there

A week ago we came home from the National Dairy Goat Show in Loveland, Colorado, a drive of four days - I do all the driving.  When we pulled into the barn area our trip odometer said 2012.7.   It was a four day trip - one of us was so heavy that he "couldn't get off the ground", so any upward slope slowed us to 50 or 55 MPH.  There were four in our caravan going and three coming.

We left July 3, arriving July 6, with eleven goats -  ten milkers and one dry yearling.  She went second in her class of more than fifty, with our milkers going tenth, fifteenth and sixteenth.  We didn't get National Champion (did that before) but were pleased with our showings.  And the trip was really wonderful!

The Numbers Never Lie

Last week I had my check-up and got a wonderful more-than-passing grade.   He began by saying that I (we here) are blazing a trail.  He was, as usual, delighted with my physical well-being, my numbers (more about that later), and the way I looked - well. 

My numbers were all really good, with cholesteroli total 237 - where it has always been - but as usual, my HDL (good) was 97.  He always remarks on my ratio, which is phenomenol.  My thyroid T4 was a tiny bit low: 0.58 -  normal is 0.62 - 1.41.  He thinks this may be from five abxi long-term, and to call him if I am "tired".  Ha!  We know about "real" tired.  I hope never to experience THAT kind of tired again.

I think I am a food chain.

Nearly seven and a half years ago I was approaching the beginning of a very personal war.  It has been one battle after another, with a disengagement almost three years ago, then another full-scale, almost three year skirmish with all the big guns blazing away every day. (Since the closest I ever came to a real war was a father in the medical corps in WWII, my military-speak is pretty laughable, but it's honest!)

From Here to There

Yesterday I had my several-times-a-year checkup. My doctor is ecstatic over my progress. He has been pleased almost since the beginning, but is now even more delighted.  

Here an inch, there an inch, after while a mile

It is a very long time since I wrote a blog, so please forgive me if it is a ramble. As MacKintosh says, many of us have moved back into real life. I certainly have. But there is so much need here on this incredible site that those of us who have had so much returned to us have a real obligation to try to give encouragement to those who are struggling with this horror. 

Out of the fog - again

In my seventh year of CAPi, I am once again emerging from the fog.  It is seventeen months since I began, for the second time, to attempt to climb out of the hideous hell-hole of M.S.

Cesare's struggle with his aching back made me realize that my neck does not have paralysing pain any more.   After months and months of not being able to move my head, then graduating to most-time, then part-time, pain, my neck is very close to normal.   That was my final area of great pain from the abxi going after the involved areas of my body's infection.

BP and the Sun

Here I am back again with a couple of things I meant to say before.

The first is just a funny coincidence - my blood pressure at my check-up was my weight over my age: 106/70.

The other has nothing to do with our protocol.  It is that next week we are getting solar hot water!  We almost went entirely solar at the beginning but "chickened out" and decided to try this first.  There is a federal tax rebate of 30% and NC has a 35%  tax rebate in addition. 

A few days after our decision, we learned that a very famous dairy goat judge, breeder, and dairy owner is doing the whole thing.   She is in CA and hers is the second largest solar profect in CA.  This is incredibly exciting that all this is happening!


Few things are perfect - my physical was close

It appears that living right can do good things.   And the young coyote is alive and well - she was not euthanized, but instead released, due to a catch-and-release program!

Today was my annual physical, and I passed with high flying colors.  Such adjectives as: phenomenal, amazing, beautiful, and several others were used.  I was told again that my doctor has fully realized that there is a Vit D deficiency across the county - he used the word "epidemic" - where have I heard that before?  Incidentally, mine is again down to 65, so I will increase my intake again from 8,000 to 10,000 for a while.  My level seems to go up or down as my diligence - unwitting or not - ebbs and flows.   

Sometimes We Get it Wrong

And someone pays.   During an eventful weekend, things happened.  Our wonderful Sorcerer kids were in the new baby kid pen and the dogs said something was going on.  To my shock and surprise, there was a young coyote across the fence from them - in the barn!   She was terrified, and I stayed with her, Richard brought a crate, milk, and food.  I talked to her and petted her, got her into the crate, and we took her to the animal shelter.  No kids got eaten for lunch, but we learned that she was euthanized.

We did some moving around and the little kids are now in the official kid pen, with an extra layer of space and fence around, and will be joined by the ones who were born a few hours later.

The persistent tortoise

This is a very short blog about a tortoise in the slow lane. For many years (how does this happen? - we shouldn't blink!) I had a solitary discussion about arthritis:

(1) I was getting very old very fast. (I was 55) and everything hurt.

(2) My hips are in agony.

(3) My fingers and shoulders hurt all the time.

(4) My neck is so stiff that I can't turn my head.   It hurts even when I don't try to turn it.

Most of my joint pain went away while I was "sleeping" that first couple of years. Then my hips were incredibly painful during walking - then it went away. My finger joints were worked on one at a time and have slowly stopped hurting, though still have  some residual swelling, probably permanent, which I accept.

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