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Already stopping.....frustrated!

Submitted by Kate001 on Mon, 2012-03-12 01:14
It appears that my body is a breeding haven for yeast, and all these antibiotics have just made the fungus very very happy - despite mass quantities of lauricidin, olive leaf, probiotics, total sugar free diet, oregano oil, niacinamide etc. This was always a risk because I've been struggling with pretty severe candida for years that just doesn't seem to go away, but was hoping with my attack strategy it would hold it at bay. However with my increase in food sensitivies, skin rashes and horribly inflamed bladder with blood in urine, the abx have got to go. Not sure where to from here but just know until I get the candida under control, the cpn will just have to continue partying.

6 weeks in and falling apart!

Submitted by Kate001 on Sat, 2012-03-03 01:30
My title says it all. I'm 6 weeks into doxy, zithro and rifampin and feel worse than ever! I know it's normal to get worse, but geez it's disheartening. The facial numbness seems to be abating quite considerably; the fluey aching remains along with the unremitting headache and fatigue. New symptoms over the past week include an increase in global neural pain (this one drives me mad!), outbreak of pimples on face/chest, cracked/bleeding lips and blood blisters/ulcers inside mouth, constant chest wheezing/heaviness, sore throat/swollen aching glands (I can't tell if I'm getting sick or not) and an increase in food sensitivity. This last one concerns me the most. I've always been allergic to gluten/casein and since my crash last year have developed multiple new food/chemical sensitivities.

Crazy pregnant lady strikes back....

Submitted by Kate001 on Tue, 2012-02-28 00:55

I have decided to create a blog so that I am accountable to someone...well a bunch of people actually. And because it's easier to ponder on a blog than to be a nuisance and the newbie posting a million questions in the forum!

I've been sick since I can remember. My mother has had bad CFS since she was 18 yrs old, so I suspect my problems started in the womb. I was born with food allergies, asthma and eczema...off to a good start! As a child I used to end up with bronchitis and sinusitis/upper respiratory tract infections every winter and this continued through my teens. One course of abx was never enough...it got to the point where I was having to take two or three full courses to rid myself of infection, but I still ended up with them three or four times a year.