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Still here

Submitted by jam on Fri, 2017-05-19 23:52

I stopped the abx for approx two months due to stomach issues. 

The panic was too much and i am now back on the train.   Just finished a three day pulse with Ornidazole.   I was feeling the effects.  I may stick to three if it is too much.  


Well, I am beginning to wonder ...

Submitted by jam on Fri, 2014-12-12 23:29

1 week ago ... Had an bad fall, flat on my back, fort. Didn't hit my head but have hurt my neck and of course have bruises e'where  and headach  then after walking (with my husband escorting me for balance only a few yards), having braved a trip out to the hairdresser today, I couldn't lift my feet at all.  

My husband had to pick me up and carry me to the car!


I am running out of tears.


Maybe more walking practice like the physio suggests but not being able to lift my feet is another issue.  I also have a weird sensation on the bottom of my feet, stiff and swelling.


Submitted by jam on Sun, 2014-11-16 01:16

Having a lot of pain, antis for 10ish mths, walking severely worse, I realise it may take a long time but I am concerned about the walking and why it is so much worse since I started the antis and is it likely to get better?  The physio is  looking at all sorts of heel bits to stop my foot drop and roll but I have bad sciatcia  type pain down my backs of my legs and my legs collapse!  I am doing stretching exercises but this is scary!!  I am taking Nurofen, paracetamol, have tried codeine but it doesn't do much.  Vertigo type symptoms when I try to walk any (steps)  Any suggestions?  I am scared of falling again.




Any conclusions

Submitted by jam on Fri, 2014-08-01 21:33

My ppms seems to be worse, a lot worse.  Been on the protocol  since beg of Feb 2014.   Any suggestions?  I am predominately  a vego and have been since 4 or 5.  I am now 51.  

I feel quite disheartened.  I know others have been doing this a lot longer but I would like to know what you think?

All other treatments have failed, CCSVI, Stemcell (some years back) not sure if I just keep on, keeping on?

I am currently pulsing, finish tomorrow.


Quiet on here/Foot roll

Submitted by jam on Sun, 2014-07-27 23:10

Has e/one got better suddenlyis supposed to be hibernain

I have bad foot roll.  Any suggestions.  I have hideous braces to wear but it doesn't help the roll or balance.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



Wake up, I am the one who is supposed to be hibernating in the cold months in this part of the world!



I don't Understand Why?

Submitted by jam on Mon, 2014-07-14 19:55

I have been on the protocol since 5 Feb and seem to be getting worse, a lot worse!  My legs are so painful and buckle beneath me,  causing me to fall.  I am covered in bruises, big bruises.  I can't even take 10 steps without falling.  I cannot use a stick because my tremors are so bad.  Luckily my bathroom is only 6 paces away, and I am constantly clutching at anything I can to get there! Oh  and the wheelchair will not get through the doorway, so that is a fat lot of help.

Any help please because I am getting desparate.

The scary thing is when I fall, I have much difficulty in getting up.

Please help, I don't know what to do.


feeling the pain

Submitted by jam on Sun, 2014-06-01 20:16

NAncy I can feel your pain.  

Just for e/ones info, I have also finished the first pulse.  Feeling absolutely CRAP.  

This site and e/ones contributions are just wonderful.  Really supportive. 

Thanks e/one, my appreciation is long overdue but I also have a few personal issues to deal with.

Take care e/one.