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Just a bunch of questions, please

Submitted by iwillgetbetter on Wed, 2010-02-24 11:12

Hi All, I'm doing one tablet 250mg of Azithromcycin a day, a shot of Bicillian once a week. I'm on Diflucan, one a day and oral Nystantin. This is the first time ever, that I've been able to take a oral anti biotic and not have major diarreah. I really like Azithromycin a lot, it's been good to my gut.

Ques.One-When I take Diflucan I pee all night long, anyone else with the problem? When I stop it too my gut problems don't seem as bad in the morning. How do I know how bad my yeast is? I've been on Diflucan for a month or more now and Nystantin just the same. How will I know when its gone?

Two-Am I taking enough Azithrmcycin do you think? I've printed off the Protocol for my doc so he can read on pulsing.