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Questions on candida diet and CPN

Submitted by horses12 on Thu, 2011-03-10 13:56

I was able to see a specialist for my GI issues and it was recommended to go on the candida diet. The diet is used to starve the yeast by not eating anything related to carbs or sugar. I've been on the diet for a little over a month with very good success. My only concern is this is not a good diet for having CPN.

Has anyone tried the diet? What are some implications for no carbs while treating CPN?


Bood test shows some improvements

Submitted by horses12 on Sat, 2010-06-26 18:40

I  just received my lab work in the mail and have some small improvements.

One year ago: vitamin D3 level was 32. Now it has gone up to 68

                        ferriten level was 13. Now is 27


It doesn't seem like much but at least it is going in the right direction. Any improvement is worth posting!


A sign of some improvements

Submitted by horses12 on Tue, 2010-04-13 18:15

I thought it was time to post some small improvements. I've been ramping up the treatment and feeling horrible die off symptoms. The good news is my blood pressure and circulation is much improved. I was able to work out in the yard with my husband and plant some flowers. It was such a wonderful weekend.

The biofilm treatment has been worth the effert. The EDTA has been chelating my heavy metals and the enzymes are working on the yeast within my gut. 

The heavy stiff legs are also a bit better. 

I thank you all for you support and input.


Severe muscle pain

Submitted by horses12 on Wed, 2010-03-17 16:21

Hello everyone,

 I thought it was time to post my treatment update. I have been treated under a diffrent doctor since the end of September. During that visit I was treated for healing my gut and to titrate my vitamin D levels to at least 5,000iu's. The titration was difficult at first due to increase die off symptoms.

Feeling very sick/help me please

Submitted by horses12 on Sun, 2010-02-07 08:37

I have been pushing myself pretty hard with my treatment and feeling horrible. The days are getting harder to tolerate just getting out of bed in the morning.

I did well when I started the Amoxicillin but Azithromycin has me pretty flat.  My head feels heavy and my legs feel weak and unsteady.  I just need some help from others who have hit this point and found the courage to push through it. Their is no other option for treatment and I do want to get better.

Help me to get over this hump. I feel scared and unsettled inside.

Thank you.  BonnieFrown

Toxicity and balance help

Submitted by horses12 on Thu, 2009-12-10 16:32

 I was wondering if anyone who has large bacteria die off experience severe balance problems and dizzy spells?

 For the last three days I have been feeling like I'm walking on rubber and my leges are very stiff. Walking any distance has me grabbing for something to maintain my balance or the feeling like I need to sit down.  My head feels like a sack of sand, heavy and hard to hold steady.

Has anyone experienced this sensation? And if so, what seems to help?

 I am going to do a detox bath later to try and sweat the toxins out. I am hopeful this might help.



A new direction for treatment/update on progress

Submitted by horses12 on Mon, 2009-10-26 12:38

Hello, and here is my latest treatment update.

Some of us have multiple complex variences to bacteria and virusus. I fount that I am one of the complex patients. I was not responding well to the treatment any more and the more antibiotics I would try to take  the more side effects and set backs.

I decided to fly out to California to see Dr. Powell for his assessment and treatment help. This doctor is amazing to say the least.My husband and I left their with a sence of hope and healing.Here is some of the information I learned about cap treatment.

yeast help

Submitted by horses12 on Mon, 2009-09-21 09:56

I have developed a yeast infection and am having trouble getting rid of it. My doctor started my on Fluconazole 100mgs for 10 days. It seemed to give  some imprvoement but the yeast returned. I just started the oral rinse of Nystatin to see if that my help. I don't want this to get out of control and was wondering what others have used.


Thank you....

Night sweats and freezing cold/ help

Submitted by horses12 on Tue, 2009-08-18 03:45

I woke up at 2 am with severe night sweats and freezing cold. My nerves are shot and this is getting to be to hard for me to do anymore.

Could this just be my hormones? low blood sugar?

It is all a guessing game to our symptoms and reactions. I am going to drink my gaterade  and try to go back to  sleep. Thanks for letting me rant and listening.

I will call my doctor later in the morning.