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Hothouse flower

I am getting to the point that under good conditions I can have what I call a normal (for me) life

I am doing much better than five years ago

I can work at non strenous jobs part time can get exercise twice a week and get some sleep at night

But  to my surprise I am still a hothouse flower

Recently I went to a workshop in the desert and camped for a few days  It was hot ( I don't do well in heat and cold ) I did not have the chance to lay down which I do frequently in my everyday life etc

I had a very hard time sleeping and got to the point where I could not walk very far I had to get into my car to get from point to point even short distances.

Brain Fog is frustrating

Hi All

It frustrates me when I miss little things

Like leaving the burner on

Writing different amounts in the number and written sections on a check

and stuff like that

I think part of it is about difficulty getting restful sleep and part is getting older and part is Cpni<

At times when I can get a good nights sleep my brain works so much better but that's not easy as i am a light sleeper




Hello All

I have been pulsing for about 2.5 years now and

I am using more of the chinese formula suggested by shaolin on this forum and more Thyme essential oil also suggested here

Using less of the ABXi but not off it completely

I am getting good results still and will probably have to continue this protocol for a long time if not for the rest of my life

I have been thinking about medical marijuana oil which will be legal in Washington state and Colorado in Jan 2014

Here in california I can probably get it with a medical card which my Nurse Practitioner says is pretty easy

But I stil get good results with what I'm using with a minimum of expense



Hope you all are well


Update Aug 2012

Hi All

Here is an update

Been pulsing for 16 months

I am now able to work five days a week with great effort and periodic days off from fatigue

Able to swim once a week fairly intensly and do lighter stuff (light swim)one other day a week

My pulses are 1500 mg six days every month I still get a herx

I have added artesiminin for babesia to my protocol and that gives me a herx too

Craving are about 5% of what they once were

Less crazy appetite so weight loss too

Changed coffee retension enema to raw organic beans I roast myself ...really cleanses

Still have PEM but it does not last as long

Finger Nails grow three times faster than when I was sicker (hair too) and the nails are very hard

After a year of pulsing

Hello All


After a year of pulsing here is how I have been doing


i have been able to increase my work load from three days a week to four (with great effort)

I don't have as much of a Ravenous appetite after a period of strenous activity as I did before (But I still do)

I am not as sensitive to higher elevations  as I was before( but I still am)

I have been able to add swimming into my exercise routine once a week in addition to yoga once a week and weights twice a week (but all this is my absolute max)

Sleep is improved. Most nights I can get to sleep (but sleep is still Nonrestoritive) I am tired most of the time


Another Crash

Hi All

I have doing better after a year of pulsing but I still crash and when I do I am down 

It's frustrating because my uncle who is almost 70 works almost every day and then rides his bike an averrage of 100 miles a week and he has no trouble going to sleep

When he exercises hard he is energized when I do I am spent

I am so enraged about my limitations

Wish there was something more I could do about this illness

Latest Pulse

Hi All

I wanted to let you all know about my latest pulse

It was 21 day with a three day break because I ran out of flagyli<

I started out at one gram  increased to 1.5  and on the last two days  2 grams a day

I really felt it on the two grams a day felt very antsy and strong  negative emotions (Old emotions more accutely)

I can't recommend the two gram a day dose but it did give me that extra bug killing kind of like running a little harder at the end of a long run you know it will be over soon so you push a little more I had to stop after two days because it did not seem safe to continue at that level like continuing to sprint at he end of a long run might kill you or do some permanent damage

To tired to work but not enough to sleep

For Some reason I sleep well after working a swing shift 6pm to 2 AM

On my days off I can't sleep  well becase I am not on my working schedule.

I was thinking of just staying up after the last night of work and going to sleep at a normal time later that day But I'm bone tired

So I end up the next few days staying  up untill very late just laying there because I'm still fatigued  and finally falling asleep at 5 AM  or so and getting CRAPPY SLEEP

Is this making sense?

I am looking for suggestions on how to adjust to the schedule change with this damn illness

And I want the chance to say CRAPPY






To tired to work but not tired enough to sleep

Thankfully I am recovering from this lifelong  illness enough to work 4 nights a week


But I have this problem and it's hard to explain


I get bone tired after four days of work and I sleep good immediately after work
ususally half the day but I am still bone tired But not the sleepy kind of tired so I can't sleep at the normal time that night

If I were healthier I would just not sleep after work stay up and sleep at a normal time But I am so dead tired I have to sleep

To be continued




How long can I pulse?

This is my first attempt to pulse beyond five days

I feel pretty good after seven days

Wondering how many of you have pulsed beyond five days and what made you end the pulse


Update on my progress

Hi All

I am able to do more now but a strange thing has happened


My sleep is improved and I can work more I also have less Post Exertional Malaise

But I get easily winded doing anything strenous this is a change from before I have amost no stamina for this sort of thing

I am not that out of shape because I still do yoga and weights regularly

A year ago I could swim for a half hour and feel good for the rest of the day but would pay the next day

Now I would get exhausted doing a half hour swim but would have less PEM the next day

Any of you have a similar progress report and any knowledgable people that can explain what is happening ?

I'm not complaining but this is strange




This is my life

Hello All

I have pulsing for about six months now

I hardly notice the pulses now except for kidney pain 

coffee enemas help with the kidney pain because they help with detox 

I am gaining strength but the more I am capable of the more I push myself so I stay at the same level of fatigue 

I am Thankful for the protocol and all you guys but this disease is an absolute pain in everyway 

On top of that I have to find a place to live because my own mother is threatening me with eviction 

Making progress

Just wanted to let everyone know I am making progress

Still pulsing once a week with Flagyli


PEM is not as bad and I bounce back quicker 

Able to do more labor ,exercise etc 

Sleep comes easier even after a hard day 

This is not all the benefits

I think someone once called antibioticsi a miracle drug  in this case I think that is a deserved title 

Thanks to all here who have given me so much feedback and helped me to feel I am not the only one going through the changes with Cpn  without you I may have quit the protocol



Pulse Ten (what happened?)

Hello All

I have been pulsing once a week one day 

My tenth pulse was 1.5 grams of flagyl  on an empty stomach

Up to now most of my pulses have me in bed half a day and them I feel pretty good and usually two days after the pulse I feel good enough to do normal activities 

This one was different  

This pulse was almost as intense as my first pulse about 75% 

It knocked me out ....I was in bed most of the day and started feeling better on the fourth day after the pulse

I was using my regular dose on an empty stomach as usual 

I am wondering if this has happened to any of you ? 





Pulses Six Seven and Eight

I am up to 2 gram pulses once a week

Here is what is happening

Every Pulse gets me a little healthier.... it's almost a miracle that I am feeling better just after a short time 

I have less PEM Post Exertional Malaise

Sleep is more refreshing 

Easier to get to sleep 

Able to do more during the day and bounce back quicker after exertion

After each pulse I crave orange juice (or something like it) mineral water and stuff like bacon burgers 

I am not where I want to be but I figure at this rate in a year I can work as much as I want and maybe start some other activities too that I miss


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