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Hothouse flower

Submitted by Homina on Wed, 2016-11-16 15:47

I am getting to the point that under good conditions I can have what I call a normal (for me) life

I am doing much better than five years ago

I can work at non strenous jobs part time can get exercise twice a week and get some sleep at night

But  to my surprise I am still a hothouse flower

Recently I went to a workshop in the desert and camped for a few days  It was hot ( I don't do well in heat and cold ) I did not have the chance to lay down which I do frequently in my everyday life etc

I had a very hard time sleeping and got to the point where I could not walk very far I had to get into my car to get from point to point even short distances.

Brain Fog is frustrating

Submitted by Homina on Tue, 2014-02-04 21:41

Hi All

It frustrates me when I miss little things

Like leaving the burner on

Writing different amounts in the number and written sections on a check

and stuff like that

I think part of it is about difficulty getting restful sleep and part is getting older and part is Cpn

At times when I can get a good nights sleep my brain works so much better but that's not easy as i am a light sleeper




Submitted by Homina on Wed, 2013-12-25 18:51

Hello All

I have been pulsing for about 2.5 years now and

I am using more of the chinese formula suggested by shaolin on this forum and more Thyme essential oil also suggested here

Using less of the ABX but not off it completely

I am getting good results still and will probably have to continue this protocol for a long time if not for the rest of my life

I have been thinking about medical marijuana oil which will be legal in Washington state and Colorado in Jan 2014

Here in california I can probably get it with a medical card which my Nurse Practitioner says is pretty easy

But I stil get good results with what I'm using with a minimum of expense



Hope you all are well


Update Aug 2012

Submitted by Homina on Tue, 2012-08-14 22:28

Hi All

Here is an update

Been pulsing for 16 months

I am now able to work five days a week with great effort and periodic days off from fatigue

Able to swim once a week fairly intensly and do lighter stuff (light swim)one other day a week

My pulses are 1500 mg six days every month I still get a herx

I have added artesiminin for babesia to my protocol and that gives me a herx too

Craving are about 5% of what they once were

Less crazy appetite so weight loss too

Changed coffee retension enema to raw organic beans I roast myself ...really cleanses

Still have PEM but it does not last as long

Finger Nails grow three times faster than when I was sicker (hair too) and the nails are very hard

After a year of pulsing

Submitted by Homina on Wed, 2012-05-23 20:05

Hello All


After a year of pulsing here is how I have been doing


i have been able to increase my work load from three days a week to four (with great effort)

I don't have as much of a Ravenous appetite after a period of strenous activity as I did before (But I still do)

I am not as sensitive to higher elevations  as I was before( but I still am)

I have been able to add swimming into my exercise routine once a week in addition to yoga once a week and weights twice a week (but all this is my absolute max)

Sleep is improved. Most nights I can get to sleep (but sleep is still Nonrestoritive) I am tired most of the time


Another Crash

Submitted by Homina on Wed, 2012-03-14 23:17

Hi All

I have doing better after a year of pulsing but I still crash and when I do I am down 

It's frustrating because my uncle who is almost 70 works almost every day and then rides his bike an averrage of 100 miles a week and he has no trouble going to sleep

When he exercises hard he is energized when I do I am spent

I am so enraged about my limitations

Wish there was something more I could do about this illness

Latest Pulse

Submitted by Homina on Thu, 2012-02-09 15:47

Hi All

I wanted to let you all know about my latest pulse

It was 21 day with a three day break because I ran out of flagyl

I started out at one gram  increased to 1.5  and on the last two days  2 grams a day

I really felt it on the two grams a day felt very antsy and strong  negative emotions (Old emotions more accutely)

I can't recommend the two gram a day dose but it did give me that extra bug killing kind of like running a little harder at the end of a long run you know it will be over soon so you push a little more I had to stop after two days because it did not seem safe to continue at that level like continuing to sprint at he end of a long run might kill you or do some permanent damage

To tired to work but not enough to sleep

Submitted by Homina on Wed, 2012-01-04 20:09

For Some reason I sleep well after working a swing shift 6pm to 2 AM

On my days off I can't sleep  well becase I am not on my working schedule.

I was thinking of just staying up after the last night of work and going to sleep at a normal time later that day But I'm bone tired

So I end up the next few days staying  up untill very late just laying there because I'm still fatigued  and finally falling asleep at 5 AM  or so and getting CRAPPY SLEEP

Is this making sense?

I am looking for suggestions on how to adjust to the schedule change with this damn illness

And I want the chance to say CRAPPY






To tired to work but not tired enough to sleep

Submitted by Homina on Wed, 2012-01-04 05:59

Thankfully I am recovering from this lifelong  illness enough to work 4 nights a week


But I have this problem and it's hard to explain


I get bone tired after four days of work and I sleep good immediately after work
ususally half the day but I am still bone tired But not the sleepy kind of tired so I can't sleep at the normal time that night

If I were healthier I would just not sleep after work stay up and sleep at a normal time But I am so dead tired I have to sleep

To be continued