urinary problems

Submitted by hel13 on Thu, 2009-02-26 05:34
Hello everybody..I started CAP almost 4 months ago after having some problems, which everybody here personally know. :-)..I must say before I started I had had problems just few months, except for my knee, which I had problem with for two years. I am 23 so I wanted to avoid getting worse so I decided to try CAP. I must say, it has been about 4 months and I feel much more better, all the problems almost gone, except my urinary problems. This is very strange, cos before I started I had never had classic urinary infection, such as pain, blood in urine,. I had had twice pain in my back, and doctor had found some?infection. He gave me some antibiotic and it was ok.. Now, I feel my urinary bladder almost every day, I go to pee so often and my bladder is so sensitive.