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Cautiously conceding I may have been right...

Submitted by hdwhit on Sat, 2008-09-20 13:19

When I was in surveying class, the instructor described the process that one should follow as: "We complete the field work, take our measurements, do the computations and then try everything we can think of to prove ourselves WRONG.  Failing that, we cautiously concede we may be right."

I don't know that I've done everything to prove myself wrong, but I'm going to cautiously concede that the decison to add the amoxicillin was right. 

Following my own advice - sort of

Submitted by hdwhit on Fri, 2008-09-12 17:38

I have blogged several times suggesting that people (like me) who are doing the CAP on their own stick religiously to one of the protocols until they had enough experience with it to know how they were going to react and thus have a "baseline" for comparison with any changes that they make. 

I have followed this advice for a year through 12 flagyl pulses.  Having lamented about the fact that I was not getting the kind of reaction to the later pulses that I got to the earlier ones, I decided to make a change.  Knowing the NAC and Amoxicillin had the same effect on CPn Elementary Bodies, but that Amoxicillin was also effective against other pathogens that might be co-infections, I decided to add Amoxicillin to my antibiotics.  

The Texas sun beat down relentlessly...

Submitted by hdwhit on Sat, 2008-09-06 19:34

The Texas sun beat down relentlessly on his sweat-covered brow.  The sawdust blowing up from the unshielded tablesaw got caught in the sweat and rolled past the safety goggles into his eyes.  The throught flashed through his mind, "I haven't had the saw out since my diagnosis so I wonder if the cog fog is going to get the better of me and I'll end up slicing off a finger?" 

Well, I'm typing this with nine fingers.  I didn't cut any of them off, but I did get a nasty splinter. 

Where's the excitement in that?

Submitted by hdwhit on Sun, 2008-07-27 16:20

Well, it's time to start pulse #11.  Unlike the last few pulses, I'm not going to be on the road while I do this one.  The tension of being out of town and wondering if I was going to have a reaction that would leave me spending the night in a hospital emergency room just added to the "excitement" of each trip.  Being home for a pulse may make the week anticlimactic.  I'll let you know if anything interesting happens.

I'm unrepentant

Submitted by hdwhit on Sun, 2008-07-13 15:49

Well, first the good news.  I didn't get to find out what the Emergency Rooms looked like in Arkansas.

The better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) news is that after next to no reaction to my last few pulses, I am having significant side effects this time:

I guess I'll get a failing grade in "Planning & Scheduling"

Submitted by hdwhit on Sun, 2008-06-29 20:22

Well, it's time for pulse #10.  I'm also scheduled to leave on a trip tomorrow.  I thought about postponing the pulse out of fear of resuming my old bad habit of "touring the nation's emergency rooms", but for the last several pulses I have actually felt best during the pulse, so I decided I would go ahead.  If it turns out to be a bad decision, I will let you know what the Emergency Rooms look like in Hot Springs, Little Rock, Searcy and/or Salem, Arkansas. 

Also, I went ahead and added atherosclerosis to the index terms since I've also got it although I'm doing this for the M.S. 

You're all against me...but I'm encouraged by that

Submitted by hdwhit on Sat, 2008-06-14 20:51

A full week after pulse nine and no physical symptoms of a reaction at all, but starting Thursday, a creeping sense of unease began which by this morning had blossomed into full-blown paranoia.  I slept through the night most of this week so I didn't get my middle of the night dose of charcoal.  I guess I'll have to start setting an alarm to wake me up in time to take it. 

CAP for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zith (3 x week) ceased 3/2008, restarted 5/2008, 150 mg Roxi (2 x day) starting 3/2008, ended 5/2008. Ninth pulse metronidazole completed 6/7/2008.