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Submitted by evita on Wed, 2013-03-13 06:53

I have problem with the formating of the comments. In blogs when I reply or others reply the reply comes after the comment the reply is for. This is ok. But what i don't like is that the reply in some blogs is always in narrower format and when there are more replies it finishes in the shape of snake - the format is long and narrow (2-3 words in a line). What should I do the column of the reply is of the same width of the previous comment?


Submitted by evita on Sun, 2013-03-03 10:05

I have been still on intermittent since April 2012. About 6 weeks off and 2 weeks on abx. The weeks I am off abx I take terbinafin. The reactions on terbinafin are smaller than at the beginning. What's the most important my walking is still improving. I can walk 100m with trecking poles without stopping and my walking is much faster. In autumn I could walk 5-10 meters without stopping . I think I could walk more now but then I have to go upstairs onto the 1,5 floor so I don't want to risk a problem to get home. But I plan to walk more. What's the best I can breath while walking and I come home filled with oxygen. I can't remember when I felt like this. I think never as I had problem with breathing all my life.

How I continue

Submitted by evita on Mon, 2013-01-21 06:56

There is much to write. I have been on the fungi cure for about 2,5 months. I had so many reactions that I was just staring what's going on. 

The first big reaction was in my chest - bad pain firstly for a few days in a spot then 2 weeks without pain and then next horrible pain in the whole right chest came - I couldn't breath in, when I caughed I cried out of pain, the pain was constant and it lasted for 3 days. After the pain was away I was very tired and went to bed in the afternoon. After lying in bed mucus started to get out of my bronchi or lungs? for about half an hour - after each swallowing some ugly old mucus came out. After this I stopped caughing. Before I was caughing every day for maybe half an hour.

MS and fungi

Submitted by evita on Sat, 2012-11-10 12:40

I am here again after the next 3 months on the intremittent. Since my last blog entry I had only one 2-weeks abx. It was at the end of August and since then no abx. This sounds nice and I enjoyed the times without abx. I was fine except my problem I always write about - my hips and lower back and then of course my walking as the result of this. I knew I had to start doing something with it. I knew I had also problem with nail fungi which started maybe 15 years ago and after this problem started my walking got worse. So I decided to treat this seriously hoping that fungi may cause my walking problem. I saw a dermatologist who presribed me fluconal firstly. After taking it for first 10 days I went for check up hoping I will have the next dose prescribed.

After 3 months

Submitted by evita on Sun, 2012-08-05 06:50

 I have been on intermittent since the early May. I had 3 a two-week-courses of abx. Immediately after stopping in early May I got extreme weakness into my legs which I killed by exercising. It was for the first time since I started abx that I could do some exercising and it helped. Then I got extreme pain in my back, lower back, hips and legs. As I had still a bacteria in the gyn area I persuated my doc to prescribe me amoksiklav. She couldn't believe that the pain might be from the bacteria but I told her nobody knew what the pain was from and then the only way was to test it by taking abx. After starting the amoxi the pain was away within 3 days and also my walking improved. Then everything went not bad and I was improwing slowly. I can walk more, work more.


Submitted by evita on Tue, 2012-05-01 11:33

Yesterday I finished 6th tini (total 33 pulses). This pulse was the first tini which I had reactions to. It may be because before I did tini pulses after 5 weeks and this one I did after 4 weeks. But I don't think the reactions where adverse. The pain in  heals I had before the pulse continued during the pulse, also burning in joints and in leg muscles. What was new was the strong tickle in my left foot yesterday. It was really very strong, it lasted for about 2hrs, I couldn't step  on my left foot but I had to laugh from the tickling. Today my feet (also the right one were was no tickle) are more the part of my shoes as if they were sticked to them.

Cpn test results

Submitted by evita on Tue, 2012-04-17 10:22

Today the cpn test result came. It's slightly positive in IgA-active form and negative in IgG - chronic form. Comparing to the last test results IgG - no change and IgA is dropping. I continue in the treatment roxi and doxy till next Thursday when I am starting the pulse and after the week when I complete the pulse and ad 4 days roxi and doxy I am starting intermittent - 2 weeks off and 2 weeks on. Is it ok to go intermittent when there is still an active infection?