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Desperateůy ůooking for AUREOMYCINE

Submitted by euchrid on Sun, 2016-09-18 06:16

Hello everybody,

so im still fignting with the intraocular infection by Chlamydophila felis. The quinolons prescribed by czech doctors didnt help at all and im still goinng blind. Im neraly completeůy blind now ?-(((

A biochemist and a catr lady, who has been through this disease, told me that quinolones dont work well inside the eye, either. And the best treatment for tzje feline chlamydia is Aureomycine, but must be used both systeemically (perorally) and topucally as an eye ointment, One without the other doesnt work, either, . Chlamyydophila felis is often laso compltely resistant to Doxycycline, which is probably my case.

CHronic intraocular CHlamydophila felis, non - reactive to WP - HELP

Submitted by euchrid on Wed, 2016-06-08 04:12

So after years of Wheldon Protocol with Rifampicin and my sight worsening anyway, i had a PCR analysis of the aqueous humour and the result is - an intraocular infection by Chlamydophila felis. These bugs clearly had only fun on all the treatments until now.  Veterinary medicine uses  Enrofloxacin to eradicate this pathogen; i was told there a 100% eracication in six weeks in cats. But then again, im not a cat and my infection is very chronic. DOctor put me on Ciprofloxacin for now, but i wonder, if that enough. Should I possibly add Metronidazole? Not sure about Penetration of Metronidazole into the eye (of course, i will sort it out with doctors, too, but i wonder about anyones experiences). I nearly didnt do Metronidazole because of horrible herxes.

Chronic progressive optic neuritis

Submitted by euchrid on Tue, 2016-02-23 03:23

Anyone here? Doctors still do not know the cause. It may be my Lyme disease, which I was diagnosed 2012 after 15 years of ailing. I was on Wheldons protocol for several years and while there were various improvements. my sight is getting worse. i already walk about with a white stick. Not only that im going blind, already completely blind in one eye, but also, my vision field is filled with hundreds of piercing lights.

One pulse of steroids has made things much worse yet. It was immediate. MAy it be a sign of an infection? 

Anyone here with similar plight?

Neding help witg Biotin, Europe

Submitted by euchrid on Sun, 2016-02-21 09:50

HEllo everybody,

im new to this forum and i need a bit of help.

I suffer from severe optic neuropathy with really torturing symptoms in both eyes and want to try high dose biotin. Doctors domt really know the cause of my illness, but i have a history of lyme and coinfections.

They only biotin available in EU is either incredibly expensive, or ful of additices - usually both.

Im looking for someone able to get pure pharmaceutical grade biotin powder ti Czech Republic- Just trying to fight of the gradual and horrible vision loss. It wouldnt go without a reward,

Anyone here? Thanks!