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Taking the plunge, do I need the safety net?

Submitted by Elinor on Mon, 2008-10-20 04:20

This will be a short post, since the last upgrade my computer doesn't like thi s site, I can read but if I log in and try to post it crashes.  Over the last few weeks it has lost several long posts with updates of my progress, eventually I stopped trying......

After three years on the full CAP  AW looked at my blood and saw 'just the odd miccrococci', no Bb, no Cpn, he said that knowing when to stop treatment is tricky, he doesn't usually tell people to stop but lets them decide for themselves. 

Microfilariae......more body snatchers

Submitted by Elinor on Thu, 2007-09-20 05:09

Hi everyone, I haven't been posting much lately as life has been so busy (hooray)  As part of  my effort to get back into the real world i enrolled with a distance learning college to do a Diploma in Homeopathy and being of the Kepner Persuasion that anything worth doing is worth doing to death I have let this new venture totally consume my thoughts for the time being.   

Sweet sixteen

Submitted by Elinor on Sat, 2007-08-25 04:44

Pulse #16 is just over and it seems to have given me a significant push forward, Rica made a comment about reaching for higher levels, this pulse gives me the feeling that I've stepped onto a new, higher level too.  For a start this one didn't wipe me out so completely and though there were aches in familiar places, tiredness I couldn't fight and that sick-to-the-stomach feeling that always reminds me of the days when I thought I would die at any second none of these effects were as bad or lasted as long as they have done in earlier pulses.  Ive definitely had more energy this time, being able to  walk further and keep going for longer at tasks and could even think well enough to complete an online exam paper.  If things were so much better during the pulse how good

Nirvana.....are we there yet?

Submitted by Elinor on Fri, 2007-06-22 12:37

Midsummer's Day saw the end of my twelfth pulse and a new beginning.  Last week I found the diary I started with my first antibiotics and realised two things, it has taken more than two years of treatment to get to this point and I am on the path to Forgettory.  Dr Wheldon's Forgettory must be Cpn Nirvana, that state of being beyond the bad times and free of the memories so  before I let it all go this is a little account of several false starts and how I came to be diagnosed with a bewildering array of syndromes and disorders.


Submitted by Elinor on Sat, 2007-06-02 10:44
I need to write something down here for all the people with ME or CFS or lyme disease who come to the site and don't easily see any stories of how others with the same diagnoses have been helped by the combined antibiotic protocol.    When you are very ill and very brainfogged it's so hard to look at the story of another person with an illness that has a different name because they have reacted in a  different way to the bugs causing it and it isn't easy to see that the same treatment could help your condition as well.
A remark my doctor made worried me a bit too.....  I told him about something I'd read on cpnhelp.org and he  said  ''Yes but they're treating MS