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What are the statistics ?

Submitted by Eirik GT on Wed, 2010-08-18 04:51


As I'm sure some of you know, I've stopped the CAP, for about a week.

I felt to bad, to sick to continue.. Some days felt like, "If i scratch my arm, I have to go to bed after.." That much fatigue is to much for me..

I've read that there are other people that are struggeling with fatigue and pains as well.. But the general advice seems to be "Keep going !" "I will get worse, before it gets better".. And similar advice.

But, I find it a bit disturbing that, even though experienced, that many people giving out medical advice. Like "Keep doing it, you won't regret it"..

Not the expected result from the doctor..

Submitted by Eirik GT on Thu, 2010-08-05 10:20

Well. He did a simple test with my blood. Right there, on a microscope in front of me. He draw a drop of blood, and looked at it..

He said I had some sort of "coin'ing".. Meaning that the blood cloths a bit, but it cloths in strings, not in "balls"..

So, he said no, to continuing the CAP at this point..

He also told me that he had been on a research-trip to a specialist in Virginia, USA. Where he learned a great deal on ongoing medication on Borrelia/Lyme diseases and similar infectious diseaeses..

So. He made a new plan for me.. To get rid of infections, and straighten out my bloodwork..

More Probiotics + Some new stuff. (New to me at least)

Berry Green

Diatomaceous earth

Ionized colloid silver

Tomorrow's the next doc appointment.

Submitted by Eirik GT on Wed, 2010-08-04 13:08

I kind of look forward to this appointment. To hear what he say's about the Reactive Hypoglychemia, the red bloodcell-count.. (Will try to get the numbers)

And if the red bloodcell-count correlates with the hypoglychemia and my weight-problem.. Meaning.. Could there be a connection ??

If the bloodwork say's it's ok to go to flagyl, then I'm going to do it..  Won't get the bloodwork done this week, so I can't start flagyl until next appointment I guess. First bloodwork, then results, then a new appointment and maybee the flagyl-prescription..



Tough days...

Submitted by Eirik GT on Wed, 2010-06-30 10:55

Been some hard days to get through.. Stomach really slowed down.. I had a slow stomach from before antibiotics, but I actually thought antibiotics would get the speed up a bit.. But, no..

My stomach don't like speed.. If the speed gets high, I get small tears inside, due to gas-release I guess.

I still, today, after almost 35 years of life get proof of me being a bit different than most other people in more than one way..

At a norwegian forum, discussing FMS and CFS, I get little or no support for this protocol choise I made.. They don't belive in it..

I'm not 100% myself, but I still won't give up without trying. I have proof of having CPN-traces in my blood..

Started 2nd week of Azithromycin

Submitted by Eirik GT on Mon, 2010-06-14 17:31

Can't say I felt much difference really..

A little "loose" in my stomach, but all else normal..

Since the Azithromax (Norwegian name) is quite expensive, I feel a bit unsure on proceeding or not..

I will need to buy a 40pack of azith. 250mg, for 200 USD. To keep me going through the summer.. Plus, I need to get much more Doxy, if I step up to 200mg/day. (And Q10+NAC+vit-D of course)

But, on the other hand. Since I seem to tolerate these medications good. I see no problem going forward..

Any thoughts on that ?

Only problems I have is : sometimes weird dreams, slight headache in the afternoon, very mild symptoms from stomach and a little fatigue/muscle-ache.


ouch ouch.. Back-pain..

Submitted by Eirik GT on Tue, 2010-05-25 15:49

Well. I started on sunday (Or in the nighttime before sunday)

I started having pain in my mid-back, between the shoulderblades. I can stand and lay down, but I can't bend there.. Neither forward, nor backwards.

Not sure, but it could be caused be all my thoughts on selling my house, or not.

Also, since I read something in reflexology on a connection between the mid-back and the liver (or the kidneys.. Not sure.)

Also, I feel a bit lousy this afternoon. A bit feverish, a little musclepain all over. Plus extra pain in my back and shoulders. Since I have tendonitis in both shoulders after my little fall..

Ouch... Headache incoming..

Submitted by Eirik GT on Tue, 2010-05-18 15:24

Well, I thought I was through the worst part of the start...

Seemed like I was tolerating doxy 100mg/day fine.. So I started with 500mg of NAC too..

And, wow.. Talk about headache..

Some of it might be due to withdrawel from sugar, and maybe a little due to sudden warm weather, probably a little low fluid-intake..


But, apart from that, and my tendinitis in both shoulders.. I feel rather ok..

Could be the that I acclimatize to doxy. And NAC..


When doxy is "fading"...

Submitted by Eirik GT on Mon, 2010-05-17 10:06

I mean, when the first discomfort is fading. Less mucus in the rear of my nose, less body-ache, less warm-feeling, and also a little less fatigue..

Still have some of all that, +a little constipation.... And a little headache.

But, should I continue taking 100mg Doxy, not raising to 200 ??

Or, should I consider adding NAC 500mg/day ?

Or, just keep going on 100mg Doxy out this month, and then add up more ?



Submitted by Eirik GT on Sat, 2010-05-15 15:15

This is a new blog, on the same topic. But I hope readers give feedback, AND just as important. Keep on topic.. Don't derail the blog with all sorts of stuff..

It's really exhausting to keep writing the same stuff over and over again..

This is a copy of my Blog dated : 13th of may

Well, this is the 4th day on doxyi..

Ready to start..

Submitted by Eirik GT on Wed, 2010-05-05 14:35

Had a visit at the doctors today, where I put down some of the info I found relavant on these pages..

As I might have mentioned, I did a bloodtest when I felt ok..

Then IgA was 173, and IgM was 0 (zero)

The I got one of my repeating colds, with tha affixed sinuses-problems.. This is when I got another bloodwork done.. Because, I suspected that the CPN might be the culprit in the background..

This time, IgA was still 173... But now, the IgM was at 276...

He said something about Mycoplasma and some deficiansy or ?? I'm not quite sure.

Anyhow, we talked for a few minutes, and then he gave me a prescription for Doxycyclin for two months..