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Testing for CPN

Submitted by clivepowney on Mon, 2009-05-11 07:01

I am looking for a bit of advice. My wife has been diagnosed with reactive arthritis and there has been some recent publications linking this potentially to CPN.

She is open minded about this and we were wondering if there are any good labs to get some tests done to see her level of infection (if any). or is there other tests she should have. She has been back and forth with the NHS for 5 yeras but don't semm to be getting anywhere.

I am currnetly under Dr AW in the UK being treated for CPN (CFS) , so there is much potential for the bacteria to be causing her issues.





Interpretation of Vitamin D results

Submitted by clivepowney on Sun, 2009-05-10 04:48

Can anyone please help me with my vitamin D results from grassroots health

they cam back as folows:

Date of TestD2 (ng/mL)D3 (ng/mL)Total (ng/mL)Laboratory
Ref Range
32-100 ng/mL

There are 2 concerns

1 a zero reading for vitamin D2

2 The overall reading

What should they both be? I know the notal should be > 40 ??