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On very restrictive diet, lost 15 pounds and still have high LDL. High LDL might indicate a bacterial infection....

Anyone else consistently seeing normal HDL levels with high LDL? My HDL is 52 and LDL is 139....Total cholesteroli is 201. I'm 6' @ 160lbs currently and about as lean as I've ever been and eating extremely healthy (lot of raw veggies, some cooked, lean meats, no dairy, grains (wheat, corn, etc), no sugars of any kind.

I'm wondering if high LDL is a protective mechanism from infection...


Taurine and Glycine effective for sleep @ 3AM

Odd title I know. I've found that if I wake in the middle of the night and take equal parts of Taurine and Glycine I can go back to sleep and have good sleep. If I take this combo before bed it still helps but leaves me groggy in the AM. If I take it too late 4AM or after I'm groggy in the AM....I'm taking between 250-350 mg of each....I'm about 170lbs. You may need to adjust for weight assuming this might help you also. The timing for me seems to be right before REM sleep 2-3:30am is about the range I need to hit going to bed usually @ 10:00-10:30 pm.

2g of Tinidazole for possible Giardia - Not much of an effect

I got the Dr. to write me for a one dose 2g (500mg x 4). After insurance it costs me $29. Those of you that Pulse Tinii does it cost a fortune?

I was expecting the worse and really could hardly tell I had taken anything at all. I took it at 9am and slipped up and had a beer about 7pm. Forgot I wasn't supposed to have alcohol. My sleep was a bit disturbed but other than that no GI issues. No problems....

Does this tell anyone if I might have a CPNi or Lyme load? Would I have had a bigger reaction?

Trial with NK boosters

The latest trial was NK boosters like Beta-Glucans, AHCC and RBAC (NK-3). Did not get as ripped as I did on the Iodine but enough to make me stop for now.

Sun exposure is giving me brain fog. I'm not sure what to take for that. I'm assuming at least a 10,000 IU shot of D3 entering my blood within 20 minutes of full exposure.

Going to look into addressing the mental issues of depression and anxiety. Might ask the doc for a go at Ritalin. I've taken Wellbutrin and Bupropion in the past (Bupropion is the generic and not time released) with some improvement. I'd like to know what has helped others here.

Wasted away again in Iodineville

Decided to give Iodine a try. Got some of this stuff:<. Just < 2mg per drop.

Started with a drop per day, then 3, then 5 then 10 for 4 days....Backed down to 5 for a couple days. Now recovering from a monumentous herx.

I was roughly following the protocol @<

I stopped completely and got worse. Tuesday was very bad, pain in my upper back (left side), brain chemistry way out of whack.

Yesterday was much better. Today even better...

The sun (Vitamin Di I assume) has been exasberating the symptoms quite a bit.




Giardia and other protozoan infections: Dientamoeba fragilis and Blastocystis hominis the real culprint?

I've been researching Giardia and was (and was not) surprised to see that there is a chronic form to this bug. I've found some good links below. The preferred effective MD treatment seems to be Tinidazole. From what I've read Flagyl/Metronidazolei has no activity on Giardia.

"Tinidazole is indicated for the treatment of giardiasis in adults with a single 2 g dose and with 50 mg/kg single dose in children over 3 years of age. In eight randomized comparative studies totalling 299 adult and pediatric patients, the average cure rate for tinidazole in giardiasis was 90%.2-8"<

(Other Giardia links at the bottom)

Formulating a supplement regimen that is helping liver detox

I've been studying Phase 1 and 2 liver detox and I think I've learned a little about the dieoff detoxification pathway (for me at least)...

The sulfur seems to be the main phase 2 detox pathway supplement. I've been supporting the Amino-Acid pathway with Glycine (sulfur amino) in the morning with the ABXi and B-vitaminsi.

I've been taking 1/2 MSM-Glucosamine (Joint Response<) about an hour or so after morning ABXi when I start to feel the die off toxins to support the Sulfation pathway. I also take a small amount of P5P in the morning to support this pathway

Wiped out for a while...

For the last two weeks I've been "recovering". I'm not exactly sure what happened. I had a VERY toxic day following a few days of the TCA cycle (boosting Co-A) supplementsi I mentioned in a post (Pantethine, B1, b2, b3, Mag, Ala. Unlike the other times when I thought I pushed too hard I didn't recover in a day, or two or three. My cortisol was very low for a while. I'm still not sure if it was those supps or what.

Anyway, I'm functional again...

Inspirational song

This song has become my new inspirational...(song has been out since 2004, but new to me)

"Bend and Break" by Keane

 Click here to play <

Having a go with a Non-LLMD, questions please...

I mentioned in a post that I found a Doc here in Alabama that is somewhat Fibromyalgiai friendly. I deided to give this Dr. a visit. Explained a little most pressing problem was a possible prostatei nightly issue. I did a 7 day doxyi (100x2), and on the 3rd day of Doxy 1000mg of Zithi (which wiped me out). Some symptoms improved but I couldn't be sure the two drugs had helped. I was taking bromelain with the Doxy from the 2nd day on. The nightly symptom has not improved from this.

Going back to the Dr. I explained a little more about Lyme and Cpni and how I felt some significant improvement in the 2-3 days after stopping the ABXi. I left there with a long supply of Doxy and Cipro (still want to address the prostate issue and will give Cipro a try).

Experiment with Doxycycline

I got a new Doc, just down the street. Someone on< said he had some experience with Fibromyalgiai. Lucky for me he is open minded. I complained of prostatei and GI issues. We tried 7 days of doxyi (100mg x 2) and a one shot of 1000 mg of Azithromycin. During the time of the Doxy I took 4800 FU of Bromelain per day. One 2400 FU pill to chase each Doxy. Only once did the Doxy make me throw up when I didn't eat it with some crackers (god awful).


I'm reading a lot of things about biofilms. They are a problem in the commercial world. It seems common knowledge that they are also found in the body. How to eradicate the biofilms in vivo is the question. One article equates Iron with Biofilms. The title was No Iron = No Biofilm. The author suggested Lactoferrin was a good way to sequester Iron and weaken biofilms. I read a study with Lactoferrin and animals. Lactoferrin prevented the formation of biofilm but they found it did not break down the existing biofilms.

Another recent article someone engineered a virus with a gene from a fibrolytic enzyme and it was very successful in breaking down biofilms in vitro. Sounds promising.

Lumbo, Natto, Lyprinol.... what a day

I just started taking Natto trying to address possibly biofilms. I'm convinced they are abolsutely real. If you look up biofilm removal on google you'll see this is an industry problem where water is (pipes, swimming pools, spas). Everywhere they are trying to kill biofilms.<

Interesting paragraph from the above link:

Blood Test results Vitamin D - 25 Hydroxy

Test date May 29, 2009:

Vitamin Di, 25-Hydroxy: 40.9 ng/ml


This is up from 25.1 ng/ml 4 months ago.

Normal supplementation has been 400 IU twice per day (800 IU total). Occasionally I take a 1000 IU before bed instead ofa 400 IU. Also a LOT of sunshine. On just about every sunny day I try to get at least 30 minutes outside wearing just shorts. I mentioned in a previous post I was getting a nice tan.


Big-Time Liver support by combining MSM (w/ moly), MIlk Thistle, Methly-B12 and NAC

From time to time I may "test" a supplement. These usually are supplementsi I already have tried but want to see how they do when I'm feeling bad. I usually take it an hour away from anything else to see the immediate effect of the single supplement

Most supplementsi I regularly would take just because they have been recommended but don't know if they are helping or not. For me, this is a way that I can try to narrow down to just what is helping.

In my past NACi helped but lately makes me feel worse and more toxic. Last year Milk Thistle on one occasion made me feel terrific for a few hours. Recently MSM made me feel very good for a few hours, which was a big surprise to me. MSM usually makes me feel worse although I feel compelled to take it at times.

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