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Submitted by ashanty on Wed, 2009-10-28 05:25


 I got (or even had it before?) a candida problem while on my CAP (normal Wheldon protocol) and was treated with fluconazole 100mg/day. I got fever, heart problems and severe productive cough, which I never had since my infection with Cpn???

For the reason of heart side-effects I stopped the fluconazole (slowing of QT-intervall). In the handbook I read Nystatin might work for sytemic candidosis as well. Is this true? Does curcumin/tumeric help and can anybody recommend me, where I can buy it cheaply - preferrably through the net or in Canada. The same about oregano oil in capsules?

 What kind of enzymes are Candex?

What else might help?

Mycoplasma Co-infection

Submitted by ashanty on Tue, 2009-06-16 04:13

Hallo everybody,

I suppose there are many more of you who are having a mycoplasma co-infection. Are there any changes in the protocol you have made? I somehow remember an article from prof. garth nicholson on the topic (treatment of chlamydia-mycoplama coninfections). Can anyone find the article again ?

Are there any changes in the supplements because I remember another article where they said, that mycoplasma change other parameters like TNF-beta or so ???

Has anybody literature on mycoplasma and the (long term!) treatment?

Can Mycoplasma develop resistance to abx?

Nice if you would post it here!