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Has anyone substituted (for CoQ10) or added pqq to their supplements? Do you know how much we should take?


from my neurologist (whom I haven't seen in years:

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Ms. Ungar
Biotin is safe, I have heard of its use in MS. I am working from home, can get out of the complicated security window for this program to look at the URL you sent, I will get back to you later.
If you want more information or advice, respond to this message.
Call (240) 632-4900 to ask for a return phone call if you want to talk with me.
Be well,

Andrew Dutka MD 12/6/2015 9:40 PM


Submitted by Arttile on Thu, 2015-12-03 20:24

The biotin study is now complete and will be submitted for approval.

I have been using 300mg/day otc for 2 weeks. The difference is remarkable!

I cost-checked pharmaceutical grade b7 and asked a local compounding pharmacy the cost for a 1 month supply. $156. I thereforevbought 12 bottles at Vitacost for less than $56.

Not a candidate for Tavist

Submitted by Arttile on Mon, 2015-01-05 22:35

Took Tavist today at 11a.m. Irene K. said it made her a bit sleepy. I fought off sleep until 2pm.. and then slept for 6 hours followed by more grogginess. This was 1 tablet. The dosage is 4. I'm a canary in a coal mine, so, of course, I experienced another side effect. Call it fickle fecal or porous anus. I don't know what the doctors call it, but you DON'T want it!


Submitted by Arttile on Tue, 2014-11-11 00:06

I've been on this protocol forever and always going downhill. Yet when I stop CAP, I go downhill much faster.

When I was first diagnosed, I told the neuro I had been treated for Lyme in 1992. I started limping in 1999, 7 years later. It so happens, a ph.d. in pharmacology told me, that it takes exactly 7 years after a Lyme infection goes to the brain for neurological symptoms to appear.

The neuro did an LP and found no evidence of Lyme. My 1 test through Igenex showed me borderline (but I had been on CAP for years).