I am back on CAP now, but we replaced a month ago Tetracycline by Doxy for some reasons.

And I noticed some new (mild) side effects: 1/ I sometimes feel a bit nauseous after the intake, and 2/ I have a kind of continuous mild diarrhea (I don't know if it could come from the newly introduced Doxy, or from some probiotics + Boulardii that I take now much more regularly than before).

And then I decided to check again the cpnhelp treatment protocols, and the three of them recommend the following dosage for Doxy and Azithro (on full protocol):

- 200mg of Doxy per day

- 250mg of Azithro only 3 times per week

Whereas, I have been taking so far (as advocated by my doctor, on full protocol):

- 200mg of Doxy 2 times a day (=400mg per day)

- 500mg of Azithro every day

So I guess you would simply recommand to reduce my dosage accordingly, there's no reason to contiue following what I'm currently doing, right (even if it's more or less well tolerated)?


P.S.: I don't know how I missed these recommandations by the way, especially for Azithro, after reading dozen times your treatment protocols' webpage...!


Perhaps I'm thinking of somebody else ... or perhaps not. I seem to recall me questioning this high dose of azithromycin that you were taking back a few months ago. I recall pointing it out that the dosage advised on these pages was of 250 mg 3 times per week. I seem to remember somebody saying that your doctor wanted to get this done and dusted within a year and didn't want to be prescribing antibiotics for more than a year. As I say, perhaps I'm confusing you with somebody else.

It is my understanding that one of the main reasons for taking azithromycin anyway is to prevent antibiotic resistance building up from just doxycycline alone. The other reason for taking the azithromycin is that it acts synergistically with the doxycycline, multiplying the effect of drugs together.

Because we people here are taking these drugs for such extended periods, it is prudent and advisable to go for the lowest dose that is thought to be sufficient. In the case of azithromycin, 750mg per week was thought to be sufficient by the architects of the protocol.

Just as an aside; some of those people that are treating Lyme disease are known to take 400mg of doxycycline per day (to maximum dose allowed for that drug). They also tend to switch from one drug to another as the months go by. I can certainly see the point of that.



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Maybe i’m too cynical, but i’m not very trusting of GPs. I do know that those responsible for designing this protocol are very qualified.  I would be unsure of your GP’s advice. But, i don’t know them, you do.

good luck


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I'd be taking the azithromycin every monday, wednesday and friday, according to the protocol.  And I'd be hoarding the rest of the azithromycin for a period of time I might not be able to procure it. 

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