Would someone please advise what is a safe dose of biotin to take in one dose?   Is it also necessary to take magnesium with this?

Many thanks.


Hi Jam!

In the French experiment / trial, I believe that the bulk of patients were being given 300 mg in two doses. Some patients were given doses up to 600 mg. I make my own capsules, so weights vary greatly. I take a capsule containing 200 mg earlier in the day and then later take a capsule containing 130 mg much later on.

As yet, I personally have felt no improvement although I have yet to wake up dead. I do know a lady that I do believe that has regained bladder control due to biotin.

I have no knowledge of any relationship between magnesium and biotin.


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On most of the mainstream biotin sites, they're suggesting 30mg a day.  Obviously, we're dealing with a specific health issue here, which might need a much higher dose, like what supaguy is talking about.  Once I hit 40mg, I start having bizarre dreams, so I'm staying at 30-40 for a good long while.

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I can take 150mg in one go, but any more and I can get palpitations for a while at night.  It never lasts long but it worries me when it happens, because things always seem worse at night....................Sarah

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I take it 2x a day in morning about 11am and again late pm/early evening before my evening antis.  I have no idea if this is correct.  I am off to sleep quite early and this fits into my regime.  Each capsule is 75mg, so 75 x 6 for me for the day.  SuperGuy may advise you differently, but he does fill his own capsules.  You could start on a little less to start as I initially did and then build up.  

Good luck!!!