My Doctor in Colombia said to me that there are studies that show that 30 % of the cure comes from the medicines and the Doctors; and the other 70 % comes from the personal attitude, the diet, life changes and specially by being positive and happy.  So, I wanted to share this link of a very beautiful website - that my sister saw with her coworkers and immediatelly sent me -  that celebrates everything in life in a very positive way.  The photographer Dewitt Jones says in his video:  The Vision controls our perception, and the perception becomes our reality".   Just look at the name of the site: Celebrating what's right with the world, awesome ah?   visit it  at:

No, I didn't make that site, don't know the people there, have no money invested, nothing related to them and are not paying or receiving any money for saying their name...  funny!  

I can laugh now, from time to time.  I know it is a huge amazing step in being healthy!   Hope you all can do it too!

Let's share pretty funny things, positive helathy ideas or writings...! 




Thank you, Maria. It is the small things in life one forgets.



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I think your post does reflect some valid science, in part at least. Image removed.

If you read "The Potbelly Syndrome," it's explained how we get chronically ill from increases in cortisol, a stress hormone and that if one's immune system is on the tipping edge, relaxing techniques can and will improve the quality of one's life and in some cases even promote wellness and healing.

Taking the time to get a massage, learning to think positively about situations where we have no control to change them, meditation, daily affirmations, laughing, and other positive stress relievers are all good ways to help one stay healthy and heal.

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