Before the visit to the hair stylist

Submitted by Michèle on Tue, 2008-10-07 07:33

Michele, you are looking so happy, who would be able to imagine the comparison with the early photos of the progressed alopecia?  Truely remarkable and certainly unheard of in my opinion.  It looks stylish as it is to me, can't wait until the reshaping photo is posted.  Thanks for sharing this progress as this is truely inspiring. 

This type of reversal is truely life changing as much as many of the other stories here.     Louise

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Now I see where Elly gets her glow from..your're beautiful and so is your hair. i'm with louise, your hair looks very stylish.....and alot of it.

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Truly amazing, Michele.   Antibiotics curing alopecia.   Who'd have thunk it? Wink


P.S.  You look absolutely marvelous!

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What a great success story! Visuals are always good. Congratulations on getting your hair back! Ditto what everyone has said, You look BEAUTIFUL!

Wow, Michele... you look wonderful and healthy (even better than your pic of 2007!  I agree, too, your hair looks very attractive as it is :)


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Michele, Congratulations - it is truely amazing and you do look beautiful!

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Wow! Your hair is beautiful.

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You are truly an inspiration!  And thanks for your very encouraging posts to others (like me)!

Mary Ann

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Michele, you look great!!

So happy for you!

Thanks for sharing.

Best Wishes from Maria


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Amazing transformation!  Michele, you truly are radiant these days.  How does it feel to have options on what to do with your hair?.....Perhaps the better question is "How does it feel to have so much hair?"  Good for you!

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I don't have anything original to say, but you do look good! Dare I say, younger, too?

 So far, the only additional hair is on my arms and chest, but it's become quite impressive (if that's the word.)

 Really, congratulations!



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The best bit about the hair is that you can see it as a sign of recovery.   Many people have to wait for a long time to see significant recovery.   My daughter is a case in point, it would be so good if she could see signs of recovery which are really visual.

Although my hair is spectacularly better than it was, other symptoms are only just beginning to improve, but having a daily reminder that this treatment works keeps me going.

Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate the encouragement and I'll have Norman Parkinson (aka Hamish) take another picture of my new look on Thursday.

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Michele, it is interesting to me from an Oriental Medicine perspective that  correspondences of the Lung and the Large Intestine (a pair of yin and the yang organs expressioning the metal element) are the skin, (sometimes referred to as the third lung) and the hair.

I find this all quite interesting from a theoretical point of view since CPn is a respiratory bacterial infection in it's transmission and onset. 

Personally my element is wood.  Which is expresses by the Liver and the Gall Bladder. My continued moderate liver enzyme elevations may be indicative of a primary site of CPn in my situation (particularly since all the viruses that take up residence there have been ruled out) and to note also that I do have resident Gall Stones, have known this for 30 years.  For me hair has been easy, I have been able to grow hair to the bottom of my torso, even into my 50's. 

I could go on about the other elements it is just another way of looking at the body. 

Yes I agree, it certainly is a sign of recovery and quite a remarkable sign for sure.  To regrow lost hair is no easy task, almost impossible.

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I have pics of myself that date back thru the MP.  My hair started out very thin and scrawny looking (so did I at one point) and then as I began to feel weller, my hair (and skin) and the rest of me looked much more radiant.  My hair looked vibrant and thicker and my haidresser commented.  

Since I began CAP and have had stronger reactions, my hair has been falling out more again, getting thinner and lifeless.  I think the hair is indicative of your state of wellness.  I believe my hair (and skin) have both worsened now as I am eradicating the infection, hence, increase in cortisol activity and instability in the hormones.  

Glad to see you!  You look mahvelous!!! Kiss

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Don't believe everything you think!  

Michele- you do look healthier too! This is an amazing visual record. Thanks for continuing to post your progress this way.

Reenie- I think Michele reported a period of hair loss prior to regrowth. The thought being apoptosis or necrosis of previously infected cells, the hair falling out, then regeneration with fresh uninfected cells, especially after flagyl pulses. Maybe Michele will remind us.


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holy moly, you look marlevous!! absolutely radiant!





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Couldn't be happier for you, Michè SO deserve this!!! You, who work so hard taking care of your loved ones, and supporting all of us, too. It's a wonder that you've had any time or energy left to take care of you and achieve such a remarkable accomplishment!


It was you, and your story that recently helped me with a recent episode of hair loss--due to weight loss/protein deficiency. Whenever I was scared or felt sorry for myself, I had only to think of youWink


You look so beautiful in that looking forward to seeing more!Laughing




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Jim is right, initially there was a marked regrowth of hair and from that point the amount of hair never returned to the previously thin covering I had when I started the cap, but the process is still two steps forward and one step back, so after a pulse (not necessarily every pulse as some of us have noticed that the pulse affects different areas of the body at different times) I will get the tell tale signs of impending hair loss: a bruised feeling, some itchiness and then about 10 to 15 days later the hair falls out.   It then takes about 3 to 4 months for signs of new hair growth. 

The process is ongoing, there are still small (smaller and smaller) patches of hair falling out at different times, but the balance is on the side of regrowth and staying put... not falling out.    Possibly when I no longer have hair loss in this way it will be time for me to go on intermittent protocol.   I hope by then that the rest of my body will have caught up, I'm still having skin problems: an incredible number of small blind spots on chest and legs, some IBS pain (not as much as in the past), some joint pain (not as much as in the past), numbness in my feet, (not worse but not better), although the pain in my legs and feet is no longer constant; but I think it was Dr Stratton who said that Cpn may be affected by gravity, in which case the feet will be the last thing to recover.

It might be worth mentioning that in the two and a half years I have been doing this treatment I have done 43 flagyl pulses.   I start a new pulse every 21 days, so if people are doing one a month it might well take longer for them to see results.   This regime was pretty tough and for 9 months it was really unpleasant and on a number of occasions I had to cut the pulse short.   I still find it practically impossible to do more that 5 days, but I have upped the dose to four 350mg tablets a day for 5 days.   My urine is mostly a normal colour now, so that indicates that the Cpn load has been reduced considerably, as it always used to be a very dark brown colour during pulses.

I would like to say that I very much appreciate the nice comments people have made about my glowing appearance.   There are days when I look at myself in the mirror and wonder what has happened to me in the past two years, but maybe from a distance that does not show up so much.   Norman Parkinson (aka Hamish) took a good picture....   Even I think I look good in it, and I must be the worst critic of my appearance....

In the future I will write a part two to my story and include some other photographs to chart the progress of the treatment.   I feel so lucky that I have a condition that lends itself to this kind of charting, visual evidence is always so convincing.

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Michèle, please don't have too much done to your new hair because it is so lovely and natural as it is..............Sarah

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Michele, how many people would love to have hair like yours - it looks wonderful without much time-consuming care. You look stunning!

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What a stunning difference, Michele. No one can deny the effect of abx in your case. Remarkable!

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You look great in that pink top!  I think pink is really a good color for you.  I hope you don't color your hair.  It looks so pretty.  And you look so happy.

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I thought I would show you the state of my hair before I visit the hair stylist on Thursday.   I'll show you an after too....   Hamish took this picture whilst I was sitting on Eastbourne seafront yesterday.   I was on my way to have a consultation with the hair stylist and make the appointment.   A red letter day for me.

For those who don't know when I started the protocol I had very little hair and what was there was white, now it is a steel grey (for the time being) which means that a lot of my dark hair has grown back.   If you want to see what it was like when I started take a look at my story the patient's stories.