"Later, melittin, as a principle active component of bee venom, was explored by Lazarev et al. to develop a potential treatment for C. trachomatis infections. Chlamydial inhibition was achieved in vitro with the introduction and activation of recombinant plasmid vectors expressing the melittin gene. Melittin is known to be cytotoxic and it is believed that the main antichlamydial mechanism is its direct cytotoxic effect, however, a secondary mechanism may be due to lowering the transmembrane potential of a transfected cell, which disturbs chlamydial adhesion to the cell [67]. During in vivo mouse studies, half of infected mice were free from infection 3–4 weeks after exposure"

I did the apitherapy treatment fpr 3 month's, 2 times a week, 1 time is 7-8 bee's stings. The CPn pains went away for around 1 day. With every procedure this  time was less and less. After 3 month's it was 2-3 hours. so i think that CPN gets resistant to melittin with time