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If Lyme can be caused though having a root canal done -as it is said by the Doctor Steven Harris, M.D, in the conference he presented - the link given here by lifeontheice: and now I read in the website healingdaily an article called “Should you have root canals? Where they talk about this Doctor, expert in root canals, who then found that this “repair in the tooth” might be the biggest cause of bacteria in the mouth and then the body. The article says:

“Microscopic organisms hiding in this maze of "tubules" simply migrate into the interior of the tooth and set up housekeeping. A filled root seems to be a favorite place to start a new colony.

Another thing we need to understand is that large, relatively harmless bacteria common in the mouth, change and adapt to the new conditions. They shrink in size to fit the cramped quarters and even learn how to survive on very little food.

Those organisms that need oxygen mutate and become able to survive without the presence of oxygen. Though this process of adaptation, these formerly friendly/normal organisms become pathogenic - capable of producing disease - and more virulent and they produce much more potent toxins.

Today's bacteriologists are confirming the discoveries of Dr. Price's team of bacteriologists. They isolated in root canals the same strains of "streptococcus", "staphylococcus" and "spirochetes".

Not everyone who has ever had a root canal filled is made sick by it. It is believed now that every root canal filling does leak and bacteria do invade its structure. However the variable factor is the vitality of the person's immune system. Some people in good health are able to control the organisms which escape from their teeth into other areas of their body”.

Read it all:

and the link of Lyme:,_LIA.pdf:

Am I discovering the hot water meaning do you all knew about this and I am just waking up?

Plus, shows the relationship between different studies for different topics such as Lyme vs bacteria… EUREKA!

God bless

This is my opinion and its based on nothing but opinion. I believe any type of inflamation and entry into the body cavity whether its teeth, intestines, injury whatever, will cause colonization and if the persons immune system cant handle it will lead to infection. No entry into the internal body cavity where thier is a synergy of microrganisms is is safe.

As much as I fully believe in lyme I still think that some dr's get obsessive about it being the cause of everything.

Ive always suspected that the bacteria t vincenti which is a dental flora (often pathogenic) can cross react with the western blot but I dont have the means to figure out how or why so I just consider it an uneducated opinion. I also think t vincenti is capable of disease similar to lyme and syphilis and that its probably underdiagnosed as a cause of disease. Im not sure why it was once named B vincenti, I guess it was once refered to it as a form of borellia? I always thought it was T vincenti as in trepona ( similar to syphilis) but what do i know. They all however are spirochetes and can probably all cause significant similar illnesses. 

Heres a little snippet from canlyme

"The borreliae are large, loosely coiled, motile spirochaetes. Borrelia recurrentis is the cause of louse-borne relapsing fever, while tick-borne relapsing fever is caused by B. duttoni and a number of other species or groups of Borrelia. The recently discovered B. burgdorferi is the cause of Lyme disease. B. vincenti, now renamed Treponema vincentii, has, with Fusobacterium (Bacteroides) fusiforme, been implicated in acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis and Vincent's angina but it is now regarded as part of the normal flora of the mouth.

I would assume ( and again only my opinion) that if a root canal became infected with the above it could create a disease similar if not idential to lyme, and how much of its genetic structure is similar to B burgdoferi and whether it could actually cross react on a western blot... no clue.







Very interesting; appreciate your comment and all your information.

I'll keep on researching!

God bless! 

God bless you all.

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I know two people who had joint replacements fail permanently due to chronic infection. I expect biofilms formed on the implanted joints. I'm not sure this quite fits in with root canals, Maria.

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