27 Apr 2018

Back on antibiotics again!


Hey ...Back on antibiotics again!Not CAP antibiotics but doctor's antibiotics.  Last month I had lumps under my arm ... this month I got the same again ... but under a different arm.I've been give the same 28 x 500mg flucloxacillin.  They make you feel horrible.  I find taking CAP meds far easier.  Anyway, I won't be pulsing tini for a bit now.G


Look on the bright side - you can't get them under another  different arm next month!  Hope it resolves quickly .C

74 y/o male, (mis) dx 1980's, b-/ w-chair bound 24/7, Wheldon protocol. No problems with ABX  Experimenting with 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off Tini pulses. Early glimmers. Life is tough, but I'm tougher . Mission statement:<a href="https://www

Hey, I love your conversation, starting the day with a smile is great.Hoping, that there will be no lumps, bumps whatsoever in the future. sphinx

 Wheldon CAP May 2008,   52  Tini pulses - stopped Nov.2013- Buhner´s protocol Dec. 2013 till  June 2014 - cpn free Oct. 2014

Hi!I popped my last flucloxacillin capsule before bed last night.  This evening all the lumps are vertually gone ... good riddance to 'em and all.Are you familliar with cockney rhyming slang?  I have been coming in each eveing feeling Donald Ducked!  I have yet to write up / back report Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or today's work: tut.   This is not due to CAP meds but due to doctor's meds.  I suppose 2000mg a day of flucloxacillin is gonna take its toll.  For me, all the meds we do - including a pulse - is easier than this.I was considering starting a pulse tonight ... but I think I need a lie down.G

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