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B12 information Through the research carried out by members we have collected the following information on the benefits, forms and methods of administration of Vitamin B12. Sarah I looked up B12 patches It is cyancobalamin, not methylcobalamin, which is what I take sublingually. Cyancobalamin converts to methylcobalamin in the body, so it seems sensible to short cut the process. If you suck the stuff it is absorbed in the mouth or oesophagus, so doesn't come into contact with stomach acids. I used to have B12 shots, but the burst of energy didn't last, so I started taking tablets every day which seemed more sensible. A patch gives you 1000 mcg of cyancobalamin a week. At the moment I am taking 4 x 5000 mcg of methylcobalamin a day and I am certainly feeling the benefit. Plus I quite like the taste....... I use either Source Naturals or Jarrow formula 5000 mcg of methylcobalamin B12. The first is smaller, the second I like the taste of. The difference is, I have taken to use 4 a day, just as an experiment: Not everyone might want to see how long they can grow their hair, but it works for neural ectoderm as well. You just need to suck the lozenges, or munch them up and swallow the small particles. If they are absorbed anywhere before they hit the stomach, the effect will be the same, according to DW. I used to laboriously suck them and take an extra one if I accidentally swallowed one, now I save money by not bothering.. 2.5 micrograms is the recommended daily dose for normal people. Everyone, apart from vegans, is almost bound to get this with a normal diet. Everyone here, not just people with MSi need much more than this, but unfortunately most neurologists seem to be rather vitamin challenged so it was never even suggested to me. My GP offered me weekly shots of 1000 mcg of cyancobalamin which did seem to give me a boost for a few days. Being a water soluble vitamin, I reckoned that I needed it every day, so started supplementing in between times. Eventually, because I hated going to the surgery so often, I stopped and relied solely on supplementation. I don't personally think that a patch supplying 1000 mcg a week of cyancobalamin is enough for someone with MS, but like me and my weekly shots at my GP's, you could always supplement as well, but that's kind of defeating the object plus costing too much..... Mark B12 Products - There a number of cheap ways to get sufficient B12 and it is a matter of personal choice and how much you want to spend. Some basic info: 2 microgrammes a day of B12 is required daily (one thousand microgrammes is one milligramme). B12 is important for nerve support. 1% of a sublingual tablet enters the blood stream under the tongue (this is achievable for most patients, some will do better). B12 is water soluble and any un-needed B12 is excreted. Products available include:Lozenges (fancy name for a suckable tablet) of 1mg to 5mg give plenty of B12 and are cheap. Choice is often around product flavour as this is important for ease of use. Patches - easy to use but a lot more expensive than the oral products. Microdots - 500 microgrammes - are very cheap and as they are very small, so should be easy to keep under the tongue, until fully dissolved. Liquid (5mg in 5ml) for people who don't like tablets under the tongue. Injections give an immediate boost in B12 levels but are no more effective than the oral products for on-going supplementation. So make your choice and pay your money. Lexy As an aside, we have found a sublingual that is 5 MG. For those metrically challenged (that's me) that is 5000 micrograms. This has worked quite well as evidenced by Jim's B-12 blood levels which are quite high (1500)-a good thing that pleased his doctor very much. At first - early in treatment, Jim actually took one tablet three times per day and achieved one B-12 blood reading of 1900, now he only takes the 5 MG once under the tongue per day. The brand is Source Naturals Methylcobalamin and we have bought it at both Iherb and Vitacost for a very nominal fee. I don't know if it is better to spread out dosage throughout the day, but for convenience this 5 mg sure has helped.