There seem to be a lot of news articles on autism lately. (Is it Autism Awareness Week?)

There's one article on CNN about a court case going on, the parents blaming childhood vaccines for autism due to mercury content. I've been skeptical of this after learning that there is less mercury in a vaccine than in half a tuna sandwich. Do tuna sandwiches get blamed for causing autism? Anyway, one of the children mentioned also developed IBS and arthritis after getting sick following a vaccination. Since we know IBS and arthritis can be related to Cpn that made me wonder ... could getting flu-like symptoms from a vaccine reaction allow a secondary Cpn infection to set in? Doing a search it didn't take long to find this:

"They found that children with autism were more likely to have three types of infections: Mycoplasma (bacteria), C. pneumoniae (bacteria), and HHV-6 (virus)."

Perhaps we should add autism to the list of Cpn related diseases?

The abstract of that study reports that 4 out of 48 autistic children were positive for Cpn, which hardly justifies claiming a link. It reports a much higher prevalence of mycoplasma: 28 out of 48. I'm not sure how far to trust those numbers, though, since the study is from Garth Nicolson, who is deeply into mycoplasma suspicions, and since Cpn testing is tricky.

More interesting, by the way, are the reports linking autism to vaguely-defined "mitochondrial dysfunction". The recent case where the government awarded compensation to the family of Hannah Poling, who had a bad reaction to a vaccine, has been widely reported as a case of a vaccine aggravating a genetic disorder; but that's a misunderstanding: there's no good basis for claiming that the disorder is genetic. (She does have a mutation in her mitochondrial DNA, but her mother has the same mutation, and is healthy. See here for details.) The article her MD/PhD father wrote about the case has more details: a bunch of chemistry indicates that her mitochondrial output is too low; and when she was put on L-carnitine, thiamin, and coenzyme Q10, it seemed to help a lot. The possibility of a parasite stealing mitochondrial output, as Cpn does, is not mentioned. As far as I can tell, the metabolic tests described would not rule it out.

Did anyone watch Larry King last night?  He was focusing on autism and his guests were Jenny McCarthy, whose son has autism, and a number of physicians.  Her son's pediatrician was on the panel believing that vaccines played a part in some way, the rest were physicians who did not believe that vaccines were implicated, in any way.  Their comments were almost identical to what we have all heard:  can't be the vaccines (or in our case a bacteria) because there is no evidence presented by the FDA saying so.  So whatever disease or syndrome a person may have, they can still run up against the skeptics and nay sayers.  Although Jenny McCarthy was angry and she showed it, I could feel her frustration.  I came away from watching it knowing that a person still has to be his/her own advocate.  When will the "establishment" ever learn?!?Lori  Started Vanderbilt protocol 1/9/08  Rifampin twice a day, azithromycin MWF, flagyl 7 days/month,  b12 injection monthly NAC daily, DHA
Started Vanderbilt protocol 1/9/08  Rifampin once a day, b12 injection monthly , vitamin D 50,000 IU weekly

Sunnivara, First, yes it was Autism Awareness Day. And they did their job, because you noticed! (I did, too, but that's because a dear friend of mine has two autistic sons.) Regarding that recent big newsplay given to the Georgia family who claimed their daughter's autism was connected to her immunization, Dr. Bennett Leventhal, co-chair of the Autism Task Force for the state of Illinois, commented that no one won any lawsuit of the kind. The government declined to try the case and a settlement was made on the family. No evidence was presented, therefore no evidence of a connection can be cited. Dr. Leventhal also remarked that, before widespread immunizations came into being, parents of autistic children reported the onset of autism at the same time 12-18 months, as I recall, as they do now. The difference is, parents are having their children immunized at this age now, and so are linking immunizations with the onset of disease. That would be a great linkage IF there was no incidence of autism at age 12-18 months before immunizations existed. It's just not the case. Norman, I usually agree about the tripe on television, but I actually was enthralled by Dr. Leventhal last week on our local PBS station. He is so rational and genuine. I think, if anyone's interested in pursuing more info on autism, you could do a search on him and see what he's about. As far as adding it to our list of cpn-related disease, I think that would be premature.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.  Mohandas Gandhi

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Well, I saw a family on TV the other day that had 3 boys with Autism.  I read a doctors opinion about the vaccinations theory, but she also mentioned low levels of essential amino acids could be an issue as well.  It is also interesting that autism, to a  very large degree is in boys!

What is up with that?  Do girls get ? MS, ME?

I would apply the same amount of attention to new theories about autism if I had a child afflicted as I have given to my illness which lead me here.  I would run the full gammit of allergy testing, hormones, all levels of vitamins, bacterial & viral infections....  it is a very mysterious illness & can be quite devastating to the ill & familys.

I hope they find something to improve these kids, getting at the source of autism soon.

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