At 2nd pulse end

Submitted by macorn on Fri, 2008-07-11 18:23
I'm on the fifth day of my second full pulse.  I've had no problems and am wondering if I should continue the pulse more days.  The reason for the question is that I think I have read here (someplace) that more days are better.  I'd like to be off the pulse, I guess because I keep waiting for negative reactions and feel that days are consummed with taking pills, but if it would be effective to stay on, than I will.  BTW because I am not having negative reactions, I worry that this "isn't working" for me.  So, 2 questions: 1) should I go more days and 2) is it common to not have negative reactions.  This site is a lifeline and I actually feel close to you all.  Look forward to hearing from someone.  

Hi Mary Ann, I think it is too soon to think about increasing the number of days or stopping, and you might be one of the lucky few like Mac who have no negative reactions but gradually got better.   If you are not having any bad reaction after a week of the end of the pulse you might consider adding another day to the next pulse, but reactions sometimes happen up to a couple of weeks after the end of the pulse so I would still be cautious.

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From the horse's mouth: while I've had little reaction to the meds, I also think one's body needs time between pulses, especially at the beginning, to heal. Give yourself a break, both mentally and physically. You'll clear the toxic waste created by die-off and you'll get the mental 'vacation' from the third abx.

I'm on my seventh week of flagyl, I think (I don't keep such close track anymore), and I'm having little reaction these days.  But it's not something I'd recommend to you so early on.  Remember, you didn't get sick overnight and you will not clear the illness overnight.  Rushing it can cause more harm than good and set you behind.  You're already on the right track, so be patient. 


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