27 Apr 2018



Hello, I was interested in knowing further about the link between this bacteria and asthma. Can someone elaborate please? Thanks 


You can find a lot of info about this specifically at www.asthmastory.com . They aren't as familiar with the multiple antibiotic protocols recommended here, but have been promoting the link between Cpn and asthma, and use of antibiotics to treat it, for a while.


On Wheldon/Stratton protocol for Cpn in CFS/FMS since December 2004.

My 21 yo daughter has had asthma since childhood and has shown some signs of  CFS but bounced back after a bad episode last spring.  She has had chronic kidney infections that took 3 rounds of antibiotics and 2 trips to the emergency on IV's to clear up as well during that time.  My question is is the antibiotic protocol for the asthma just as effective and do you know what Dr. Stratton's opinion is on it?  Or does he think the multiple antibiotic protocol is more effective?


I can't speak for Dr. Stratton personally, but all of his research, and the studies we've referenced elsewhere on this site, says that if you don't get the organism in all it's forms you risk reinfection (hence 3 rounds of abx plus 2 IV's to supress it enough to get out of the acute phase, assuming it is Cpn in your daughter's case). I know the Asthmastory site has been recommending very high dose azithromycin as a monotherapy. We would consider that inadequate treatment as the Eb's and cryptic intracellular organisms are not eradicated, making for the possibility of reinfection.


On Wheldon/Stratton protocol for Cpn in CFS/FMS since December 2004.