Submitted by ashanty on Fri, 2009-03-06 04:21

Hallo everybody,


I'm looking for labs who are doing tests on Cpnii and Mycoplasma and Doctors treating Cpnii in Toronto, Canada.

Can anybody help? 

So, you've finally decided to jump in, have you?  Image removed.  I can't help with Canada, but at least this will bump your post up so people will see it.

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You can get tests for Cpn and Mycoplasma locally...but you might run into problems.

My Family Doctor ordered the tests for me, I went to the hospital and had the blood drawn. 2 weeks later I had a call from the hospital to say that they would not process the test, and I would have to have it done privately. ( I suspect that if an Infectious Disease Doctor had ordered the test, it would have been OK )

I could not find a private lab in Montreal who would do it, so I got the kit from labcorp and sent it to them.


Anne, Did this require contact to LabCorp from you familydoctor?  Or did you deal directly with Labcorp and pay them directly?  Louise
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