27 Apr 2018

Are FIR saunas worth it?


Hello,I am currently treating a CPn infection and have heard good things about FIR saunas and wondered if anyone could offer some advice on them and let me know your thoughts I have read a few things about them in post on this site however could not find a post specifically about them - i have been off work quite a while now due to treatment so the £300ish it would cost for the dome version is way more than a months income hence the need for research before jumping in feet first.I am currently taking 200mg doxy, 250mg azith MWF, omeprazole 40mg NAC 1200mg with few side effects - and make go


Hi Paul. Sorry it has taken so long for you to get a response. I don't have a lot of expertise with the FIR sauna. Maybe others here will see your post now and chime in. Image removed.

I bought one last summer to help alleviate my FM pain and to help my immune system of course. I try to use mine every other day for 30 min. at 115 degrees. It really helps me to loosen up my joints & muscles, etc. I always feel much better the hours afterward as if it cleansed me. I have a two person unit made from wood and I sit on a bench. Glass door with side windows so pleasant to be able to see out. Two heaters at my back and one under the bench. I think it is worth it as we paid about $800 and I plan to use it for the rest of my life.

When I first began to use it I did have trouble with some porphyria symptoms from use but now I do not. Also at first I did not sweat but now I do. So I started out slow and worked my time & temperature up from there.

Hope you continue to do well on your protocol. Slainte! MM

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thanks for your response - my mum kindly bought me a dome FIR sauna over the xmas period via Dr Myhill site (£30 discount woohoo) I have started including it in my protocol.

I used trial and success to work out the best way to use it - it seems 10mins causes HUGE die off and had me awake and 'tripping' all night long. I can tollerate 5 mins every other day so will stick at that level for now. Physically 10 mins made me feel the same as three days on flagy have in the past. A powerfull effect indeed! So starting out slow are wise words indeed.

 In the short term it has/will no doubt continue to make me feel worse - in the medium to long term should help speed up treatment no end.


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Hi Paul,

I love my FIR Sauna and credit it greatly for helping to restore good health...

FIR Sauna seems to ramp up the secondary porphyria if overdone (at least in my case).  As you said, the trick is to find the best duration and temp for you personally and ramp up slowly.    

Also, I found drinking plenty of water before and after really seemed to help.    If you use glucose to prevent/resolve secondary porphyria, try taking some glucose before sauna too to see if it helps with the post sauna "crash"...

Hope this helps.   Good luck with your Sauna!



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