27 Apr 2018
lee mcghee

Anyone know of a doctor willing to treat in Washington DC???


I work in DC and live in Virginia. Anyone know of any open minded doctors in DC our the surrounding area. Its so hard to find a good doctor that understands this disease. I should just cancel my health insurance (300 a month) and save that money to pay for my abx online. But im going to give it one more try and try to do it the right way.


Im suprised that you cant just get a doctor to write a precription over the phone.

Fibro, CFS,  Myco, CPN, Stratton protocol, Zithro 500mg M/W/F/S, Doxy 100mg 2x day, NAC 1200mg 2x day, Flagyl and INH 2 week pulses 400 mg 3x day, Rifampin, 300mg 2x day,  Still cant shake it but improving.