Anyone had cervical spine surgery?

Submitted by Lynnp on Sat, 2010-01-02 13:36

Has anyone here had to have cervical spine surgery?  Mine is C 5 & 6 and has gotten progressively worse the last 9 mos.  Blamed it on the fibro but is now too painful to ignore.  I am going to have a nerve block this Wednesday to see if that helps.  The doc looked at my mri and said I shouldn't be hurting so badly, that I had plenty of room in the spinal canal.  He must not understand about fibro pain.  I had lower lumbar back surgery in 1994 and got the fibro after that so I am somewhat fearful of more surgery.  But, if this doesn't help, I'll have to have it done.  I am so tired of screaming pain.  Constant Biofreeze, lidocaine patches, walking around the house with a microwave heat pad on my neck and sleeping with a heating pad.  As you all know, constant pain wears on you.  Plus the additonal pain of fibro. 

I have not had surgery, nor do I have fibro, so I don't have answers to your specific questions. But I do have low back pain. I've tried every treatment and exercise known to man. I just wanted to respond to your doc's comment that your neck "shouldn't hurt so badly". I've had spine specialists, chiropractors, and physical therapists look at my x-rays and MRIs and all tell me my back "shouldn't really hurt". What's with that? 

I used to have tendonitis throughout my legs and feet before diagnosis of cpn, vitamin D deficiency, and low thyroid. I still have some lingering tendonitis in my left knee. It makes me wonder if the low D, cpn, low thyroid ... or all three ... didn't lead to some connective tissue weakness and damage. These things wouldn't show up in MRIs and x-rays and might explain why docs look at those and say I'm fine. Maybe my pain is really from weak and inflamed tendons and/or ligaments rather than actual disc or joint pain. (I find it interesting that my knee only hurts on "bad" back days)  If that's the case I don't know what can be done about it. I do all the core strengthening exercises and that hasn't really helped. Maybe there are some supplements for strengthening connective tissue. Anyone know?

Hi Lynn, I can really understand your feelings because I have had many years of chronic pain and yes it does wear you down to the ground. I have never had cervical surgery but have had much traction for C3 herniation, and all the irritated tissue in the surrounding area can be very painful and the more pain you have the tighter all the muscles become and more pull leading to more pain, etc.,etc. I really think the little buggers go wherever the injuries are and set up their little cpn factories. I have had many a Dr. tell me my illness and pain are all in my head and I shouldn't hurt so much either. I have found traction to be the best solution for for my neck pain, physical therapy that is performed to deeply or to vigorously can be very harmful for fibromyalgia type pain, when I have any type of PT I always instruct the therapist to be very gentle because therapy performed the wrong way can cause me many additional days of needless pain and suffering. Glucosamine sulfate helps a little and knowing what to avoid that causes any additional pain can help too. My old stand by Ben Gay still helps me,   and I rub it in myself,take two advil and stretch. I do hope you can get some help with your pain,I just bought a new heating pad  and am thinking the weather may be aggravating things a little for me too. Keep your head up and don't give up, I really feel things will get better for you, hang in there.  All the best,Patti


FMS,CFS, 15 years,CPn antibodies,mycoplasm pn.,leison on posterior pituitary. Started CAP end of Dec. 08 mino.100 daily, azith. 250 MWF all supplements,compounded T3 therapy.